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The Little Mermaid, Junior -Stages Theatre Review – July 2015

Stages Theatre Company always makes me happy, but rarely does it take my breath away. The Little Mermaid, Junior did just that. With Dash on my lap, we gaped at the scenery and all the oceanlife included in the show.

It’s a professional show done mostly by young actors and my kids loved it.  Some characters were slightly less believable than others, but it didn’t matter.  The whole story is a fairytale.  It’s all about magic and fun!  We enjoyed every minute of it.  Me and my kids ranging in age from 5-10.

It’s a great story for both boys and girls!  (just ask my reluctant 7 year old son who didn’t want it to end)

Stages Theatre Co.
Beautiful Ariel

1.  First breath-taking experience.

When we walked into the theater, the air was hazy and moist. And blue.  I felt like we were under the ocean and I shouldn’t breathe.

Stages Theatre Company
King Triton

2. Second breath-taking experience.

Ariel’s voice was amazing. Tori Adams, who plays Ariel, has been taking voice lessons for years and has been in numerous shows around the Twin Cities including plays at the Guthrie and Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. She is planning on studying opera in college in the fall.

3.  Third breath-taking experience

The scenery and the bigness of the production was astounding.  I feel like with each play I see at Stages it just gets better and better. The lighting was fantastic for Ursula’s lair using black lights and fluorescent make up on the actors. The ship’s riggings and Ariel’s grotto were all well designed.

Stages Theatre Company
Scuttle, Flounder, Sebastian

4.  Fourth breath-taking experience

“Under the Sea” was spectacular with fish singing in the aisles and getting most of the cast involved in the number.  I loved watching the jelly fish float in with the rest of the ocean animals.

It’s a great show!  We enjoyed ourselves and recommend you seeing it.

FFTC received free tickets to review The Little Mermaid Junior.  Opinions are completely honest.

*pictures taken with a Nokia 41 powerview phone powered by ATT

Written by Gianna Kordatzky

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  1. “The Prince of Arrogance, who is played by Theodore Emo, is a likeable arrogant character. He reminded me a little of Neil Patrick Harris, and he really steals the show.”

    Theodore Emo is my son. He died on Dec 2nd, 2020. I found this article while searching his name on Google.

    You’re critique offered me some tiny comfort this afternoon.

    1. Mike. I’m so sorry for your loss. While it has been several years, I do remember that play and your son lit up the stage.

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