Family Music Classes by ‘Songs with Sarah’ Are AH-Mazing!

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Songs with Sarah family music classes“Family Music Classes are for the parents as much as the kids.”

-Sarah McCaffrey Ritchie

Sarah McCaffrey Ritchie is a Twin Cities mom who is passionate about her kids (twin infants and a 2 year old–yes, she is amazing) and about music education.

Simply put, she is nuts about teaching music to anyone. She received her Bachelor’s of Music in flute performance at Eastman School of Music.  She then moved to New York City and trained to be a Music Together teacher.  She completed her Masters degree from the University of Buffalo, NY in Music Education with a K-12 certification but taylored for early childhood education.

Sarah grew passionate about the concept of a specialized form of musical training.

This post is sponsored by Songs with Sarah.

family music classes

Sarah is offering FFTC Subscribers a fantastic, exclusive offer for this Fall Session.  Click here to subscribe to our newsletter

“Sound, before sight, before theory,” is the concept of Music Learning Theory, a relatively unknown form of music training.  Maybe it’s not unknown as much as it is unused. It’s in only a couple of schools in the entire country.

“It’s a very hard concept to teach teachers how to teach. It’s not about reading music as much as it is about internalizing it.”

As Sarah and I chatted on the phone–her on the dock by the lake and me in my attic office–I was more and more fascinated by her!

Sarah offers two types of classes where she teaches in the Music Learning Theory Style.

  • A family music play classes ages birth through just starting preschool
  • Piano group classes for school-aged kiddos

This is a demonstration of Music Learning Theory with middle-school kids. The one I found with little teeny kids was from Italy.


Classes are held at Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis (3754 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis).


Music Play  Family Music Classes

singing music These classes are a music and movement experience for our little ones and their caregivers.  Based on Edwin Gordon’s MusicPlay, here’s what children and their caregivers will learn

  • to recognize musical phrases
  • to develop body coordination
  • to learn a diverse collection of songs

Price: $125/10 week Session with a $15 one time Registration Fee
Classtimes:  •Tuesdays 9am and 10am •Wednesdays 9am •Sunday 4:15pm
FREE Demonstrations: •Tuesday, September 6th @ 9:00am •Wednesday, September 7th @ 9:00am •Sunday, September 11th @ 4:15pm
Email Sarah to Register: Click to Email Sarah

Music Moves for Piano Class

family music classes piano

“Most students who are in private lessons are missing an essential ingredient to their growth: they are not learning how to think musically. They have not learned to ‘audiate’ music- and the process of audiation is essential for developing musicianship. Audiation is to music what thought is to language and visualization is to sight.”
-quoted from the Songs with Sarah website

Price:  $87.50/month

Sarah is offering FFTC Subscribers a fantastic, exclusive offer for this Fall Session in both her family music classes and group piano lessons.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about her special package for Family Fun Twin Cities Families.

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter
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