Children’s Library Corner: The Song of Pentecost

Children's Library Corner

Children’s Library Corner is back with a new recommendation, The Song of Pentecost.

Librarian Ruhama is here!  Let me just say that not only is she a children’s book fanatic, but she has now inspired her brother–my husband–into a new hobby.  Cake decorating.  She is an amazing cook, and whenever I make something out of my comfort zone, I think of her.  You can check out some of her ideas, foods, crafts, and book recommendations at Rumahama.

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Seeing good books languish on the library shelves makes me sad, so I’ve come up with a few pairings to get you to try some of these ‘older’ titles, triggering your memory with something that’s considered a classic. Today’s offering is:

If you loved Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien, then try The Song of Pentecost by W.J. Corbett!

The Summary

The mice are losing their farm to encroaching human development. The snake has lost his pool to a sneaky ‘cousin’. These unlikely compatriots will have to work together, with the help of a frog’s testimony, to get places to live. The adventure from Pentecost Farm to the Oily Green Pool is long and dangerous, and filled with a variety of characters (some friendly , some suspicious) and a lot of adventure.

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The Project Ideas

  • Make your own snake! Make two and have them battle, like in the story!
  • Take a hike near a stream. Explore the area and take note of what you find. Lay on your belly and imagine taking the hike as a mouse.
  • Fox loves poetry—try your hand at a few poems! There are several forms and this website can help you get started.
  • Use the cockle-snorkle as inspiration and check out a few insect books from the library. What is the most unusual bug you can find within the book? Imagine and draw your own unusual bug. Include all the pertinent facts: where does it live, eat, etc.
  • Round up some friends and play the traditional game Fox and Geese (if you like, you could change the geese to rabbits to fit the story). This is best played in the snow! Here’s a rule sheet.

The Food Ideas

  • Plan a foraging party—look up when certain foods are ripe and available, and go out to see if you can find some! For example, wild raspberries, puffball mushrooms, hickory nuts, etc.
  • Plan a meal using each animal’s favorite food: Fox loves chicken, the mice love wild greens, Little Brother has a hankering for apples. How can you incorporate all those into supper?

The Lowdown

  • Title: Corbett, W.J. The Song of Pentecost. NY: Dutton, 1983.
  • Age level: 5th grade and up
  • All ages readaloud: yes
  • Series: no

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