Snowflake: It Is Really A Grownup Play — But You Can Take The Kids

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Children’s Theatre Company
January 13, 2015 to February 22, 2015

My family has been looking forward to Snowflake since CTC announced this season’s line up. We love shows like Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin.  This seemed like the perfect play to attend as a family.  Unfortunately, watching Charlie Chaplin curled up together in the family room is a little different than a quiet theatre. At times it was hard for them to sit through and they couldn’t just get up and starting playing with a car like they would at home.

This is not a feather. from Children’s Theatre Company on Vimeo.

This is the first time that I felt CTC got their age recommendations wrong.  This show’s target audience was kindergarten through fourth grade.  My fourth grader was at the top of that age range and missed so much of the subtleties of the performance.  That isn’t to say she didn’t enjoy it or get something out of it.  She understood that he was homeless and was making use of things others carelessly threw away.  She just didn’t get it all.  I would not be afraid to recommend this performance for the K-4 set, but I believe the true audience is preteen to adult.

These are not skis. from Children’s Theatre Company on Vimeo.

Our five-year-old enjoyed the silly slapstick portions.  Unfortunately, there were long stretches of beautiful story that was just too mature for him. At about the half-hour mark, he climbed over his sister, brother and dad to come ask me if it was almost over.  But he did sit back down and quietly watch the rest.  I plan to add the Vimeo previews to our Wii Playlist, so he will remember how much he enjoyed his favorite parts.

This is not bubble wrap. from Children’s Theatre Company on Vimeo.

Our three-year-old enjoyed the parts where we clapped.  Otherwise he mainly wanted to kick the guy in front of us in the head.  (If you happen to be the guy who sat in front of us, I am truly sorry that he was being a jerk). If you have a preschool aged child, I’d highly recommend a one-on-one date and getting a front row balcony seat for a not-too-busy performance.  You can read about why I prefer the balcony with my squirmy boys HERE.

This is not a jacket. from Children’s Theatre Company on Vimeo.

The baby slept through the entire performance and that was our best case scenario.  I really didn’t want to end up watching from the lobby.  The wonderful thing about Children’s Theatre is that I have the option of taking children of any age to any performance.

I am so glad I got to see this play.  It was beautiful and it was funny. While the kids laughed at the slapstick or recognized Snowflake’s resourcefulness, my husband and I were moved by his ability to overcome deep sadness and loneliness.  Despite the age differences, it made a good family outing.

We are able to attend Children’s Theatre performances as a family of six because of the generosity of the ACT Pass Program.  We also receive discounts on classes and workshops through this program.  Read more about how to apply for financial based scholarships HERE.

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