Snow White at Children’s Theatre Company – Review and Parental Guidance

8. Playwright Greg Banks Takes Some Creative License with the story to make it more palatable to a modern audience. I don’t always love this, but it worked here. By midway through the performance, I was dreading the original ending to this story. Dolo’s Snow White just doesn’t come off as someone needing rescuing and I couldn’t see it working. Banks found the perfect way to acknowledge the traditional story while maintaining the integrity of the Snow White character he had written and Dolo had brought to life.

CTC’s synopsis goes into a little more detail about the creative process:

About Snow White 

This is not your usual “Once Upon a Time.” Classic? No. Wild? Yes! To start with, it’s a two-person play. Do the math. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Two fabulous, whip-smart, super-fast actors play Snow White, the huntsman, the prince, and all seven dwarves! And it’s funny. Really, really funny. So expect the unexpected in this fabulous fairy tale with a (spoiler alert) you-won’t-see-it-coming twist.

“When I was commissioned to write Snow White for only two actors, my initial response was, ‘Help! Not Possible! There are seven dwarves!’,” stated Playwright Greg Banks. “We know them as fairy tales but they are much more than flights of fancy. Fairy tales were always told as a way of making sense of the world in difficult times. As I work on these stories, I try to hold true to that idea and speak to a young audience honestly and openly about what happens in the world—and not in a patronizing way. We’ve had enormous fun and serious challenges in telling this story, not least, figuring out how one actor can play all seven dwarves at once. We think we’ve nailed it, but that will be for you to judge. I hope you find plenty to enjoy!”

“We are bringing back one of our favorite playwrights, Greg Banks, who has put together a witty, inventive, and surprising adaptation of Snow White…for two actors, Joy Dolo and Dean Holt,” states CTC Artistic Director, Peter C. Brosius. “What I love about Greg’s version of this story is that he highlights the very redefinition of family—our Snow White has agency and chooses her new family and freedom over the classic definition of ‘happily ever after.’ It also looks at privilege and choice, narcissism and greed, and ultimately, how kindness, intelligence, and empathy win the day.”

Snow White runs September 29, 2019-December 8, 2019.
Tickets start at $15.00.

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