Family Fun: Silverwood Field Trip – A Family Craft Event

If you can, try to get Silverwood Field Trip on your schedule. This annual FREE event will be held at Silverwood Park on Saturday, September 16, 2023 from noon to 4pm. Drop in anytime. Gianna originally wrote this article in 2014. Since that time, Field Trip has become an annual day of art making, outdoor concerts, creative play and an outdoor art fair.

It will not disappoint since there will be no drama, just loads of fun.

Collage of family fun at Silverwood Fieldtrip at Silverwood Park, Saint Anthony, Minnesota

You will be able to enjoy the park sculptures, the food and a whole lot of the crafts. Past family activities have included fort building in the woods, Lawn Jenga, scavenger hunts and bubble blowing. Every year, visitors can shop at the vendor booths, walk the paths, and dance to live music.

Minnesota-Made Crafts

Celebrating local artisans and the beauty of the park together with the local community has never been so colorful, vibrant, exciting, perfect, and delightful. It may be a little early for most of us to start thinking about holiday gifts, but it is still fun to shop for locally-made crafts at the Minneapolis Craft Market.

Kids weaving on a giant loom at Silverwood Fieldtrip at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, Minnesota
Family Fun at Silverwood Field Trip

Family Fun at Silverwood Field Trip

Make sure that you get to play with the parachute or do lawn twister if possible. While it is different every year, when we were there, most activities/crafts were manned by staff, but some things like the Jenga and the parachute, twister and the scavenger hunt were left for you to do on your own. There were even free canoe rides. The kids all wanted to take a canoe ride, but I do know my limits and taking three children under the ages of 7 by myself in a canoe is not within my limits. In 2022, look for poetry installations along the trails, as well as the expected art activities, nature exploration, parachute, lawn games, food trucks.

This event is so worth your time, and it’s a great place to pick up gifts especially for those people who are harder to buy gifts for. There was so much to look at.

I would highly recommend going! Don’t miss out on Silverwood Field Trip fun! There will be more opportunities to enjoy, but Field Trip is pretty awesome! You won’t want to pass it by!

Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities
This article was originally written in September 2014
and has most-recently been updated in September 2023.

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