Silverwood Egg Hunt at Silverwood Park

Crowd of families getting ready for the Silverwood Egg Hunt in St. Anthony Minnesota

It’s not easy for me to get to many Three Rivers Park District Parks with the exception of Silverwood. It’s about 8 minutes from my house, and I am there every week for Doodlebugs. So when it came time to choose an Egg Hunt, it seemed only natural that my family attend the one hosted by Silverwood Park. The event was appropriately named Silverwood Egg Hunt

It cost us $5/person when we preregistered plus we got 20% off for having more than four people  in our group. If we had paid the day of the event, it would have been $6/person. So instead of paying $36, we paid $24.

It was a blustery day, but that didn’t get in the way of our adventure or many other families’ time together. The Visitor Center was hopping with free popcorn, free pictures with the Easter Bunny (they printed them right there for you), puppet shows and music in the gallery. Also, the staff at Silverwood created a rainbow room with a parachute and a couple of boxes. The kids had a blast.

Silverwood Egg Hunt
Bunny Helicopters

Activities in the Great Hall included a game called Pin the Pollinator and some crafts: a paper bunny helicopter and a string of rabbits.

No party at Three Rivers would be complete without roasted Marshmallows.  The outdoor fireplace was busy keeping up with all the sugar-toasting kids and adults.  And they offered hula hoops and a bubble station for large bubbles.

Silverwood Egg HuntWhile there was a lot of  activity in the Visitor Center, and it was a tad bit on the chilly side on the trails, I have to say my favorite part of the egg hunt was the actual egg hunt.  They divide the kids into two age brackets, 0-4 and 5-12. The little ones search for colored, wooden eggs on the Great Lawn and the older ones (more hearty and looking for a challenge) search the island. We decided to do the egg hunt together on the island even though Jack is four.  He can hold his own.  Plus, we wanted to stay together as a family.

Wooden eggs were hidden throughout the island, and participants needed to find three eggs to redeem a prize.  No more and no less.  When three eggs were discovered and collected,  everyone was invited into the Great Hall to redeem their prize.

And they were good prizes.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They all had some sort of a nature theme which is to be expected from Three Rivers Parks.  They could have chosen wooden snakes or a huge collection of nature tattoos. But each of my children came home with a sand animal. I was pleasantly surprised.  That right there was worth the $4 dollars we paid to attend.

I give the Silverwood Egg Hunt three stars out of five.

Silverwood Egg Hunt Highlights

  • The actual egg hunt was super fun.
  • My kids were excited about each activity and they wanted to do it all.
  • The prizes were great!
Children enjoying a puppet show at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony Minnesota
Watching a puppet show.

Silverwood Egg Hunt Disadvantages

  • You couldn’t hear the puppet show! Although they had a space for the kids to sit up close, so maybe they could hear it!
  • It was pretty crowded.  That could have been due the chilly temps.
  • I was bummed they couldn’t look for more than 3 eggs. I understood they needed to make sure every child found enough, but the search was really fun and I would have loved to keep looking with the kids!  (I guess we are going to have to have our own egg hunt!)

Originally Published April 21, 2014

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