Seedfolk at Children’s Theatre

Seedfolk is an original collaboration between the author Paul Fleischman, the Children’s Theatre Company and director by Peter C. Brosius. Together with actress Sonja Parks, they bring to life Fleischman’s Newbery Medal-winning book of the same name. This is not the first stage adaptation of the book, but it is unique in that one actress plays all the roles. 

SeedfolkI know I will not be able to do this show justice. It is the absolute best performance I have ever seen. I’ve come to expect quality performances from Children’s Theatre Company, but Seedfolk blew me away. One actress, three screens and music was all that was necessary to portray the various lives of an entire neighborhood of individuals. I really recommend getting to this show and seeing it for yourself.

Seedfolk at Children's TheatreThe theme of the story made for a great discussion with my daughter afterwards. Little actions can make big ripples, so we need to strive to make sure the ripples we are creating are positive ones.

CTC recommends Seedfolk for children in Grades 3 through 8. I took my 4th grader. She enjoyed the performance, but not as much as I did. I do believe it is something that will stick with her and come to mean more as she grows. I would not take one of my preschoolers to this performance.  It is slightly over an hour without an intermission, and they would not have appreciated it. I would, however, recommend it for teens and adults beyond the 8th grade.

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