School Support in 2020/2021

Back to School Season generally brings to mind freshly sharpened pencils and new shoes.  Our new backpacks, fresh Elmer’s Glue, crisp notebooks, and brand new lunchboxes. 

But not in 2020.  Back to School in the year of our Lord 2020, looks a little different.  And I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. 

farmers market

It’s an inconvenient thing for sure.  And a super stressful thing.  But let’s switch the word “bad” to “challenging” or from “frustrating” to “enlarging.”  We are learning to think outside the box.  Not because we want to, but because we MUST.

…. Homeschooling registrations soared across the country, and many families began to spontaneously organize “pandemic pods” to offer small group learning and social interaction for their children. Opting out of conventional schooling this fall for homeschooling or “podding” has become not only acceptable but widely embraced.

The virus and related lockdowns have created serious educational challenges for families, but as the Gallup poll suggests, they may have also exposed parents to new possibilities for education beyond traditional schooling. Now, more parents may feel emboldened to advocate for new and better learning options for all children.


“I can’t wait ’til this all goes back to normal”

Here’s the thing.  I don’t think we are going to ever go back to normal.  I also don’t think this is the new normal.  I believe this is what CHANGE is.  It’s hard now, so that it can be better later. And this is happening in all areas of our lives including in our educational system. 

The Covid Crisis is encouraging families to break out of the mold and try education in a new way.  And there are some businesses around the metro who are offering safe and healthy ways to do that.

Life Time (Formerly Lifetime Fitness)

Distance Learning Support Camps | for ages 5-12 | Full or Partial Day

The first-of-its-kind camps from Life Time are designed to help families’ bridge gaps in their child’s school calendar and keep kids connected this fall in a safe, clean environment.  Students will receive school-work assistance using their devices from home during the camp, plus active lesson plans, including activities that children may be missing from their normal school day such as: Youth fitness, arts and crafts, S.T.E.A.M. activities, and music. Most importantly, kids will have the ability to connect with others while following structured lesson plans.

Art? With LEGOS? You bet!


Private Virtual or Private In Person | Open to all ages |Groups welcome: Learning Pods, Homeschools, Social Bubble STEM Classes

Whether you are part of an established homeschooling co-op or have a group of friends or a pod you tackling learning with together this school year, we can help your group run classes in person at our Discovery Center or virtually via Zoom and really focus in on your students interests, abilities and age group. Our curriculum ties directly to common core standards. Need 1 week or all fall? Morning, afternoon, evening, weekends?  We’re flexible and can work with you to create an awesome learning plan!
-Communication from Snapology

Chef Tiffany digging in to the Superfood Salads

The Kids Cooking School
307 Village Pkwy, Circle Pines, MN 55014

Dinner’s Done Weekday Afternoon Class | for ages 11 and up (siblings in 4th and 5th grade welcome with older chef) | In-person classes twice per week

These cooking classes are meant to be eaten right after class, so all sessions end at 5pm on Wednesdays and 4pm on Fridays. Classes are in-person classes at our Circle Pines headquarters following the same Covid-19 Preparedness Plan that we followed during summer camp.

Do you have any other outside-the-box ideas that you are using?  We would love to hear how you are creatively thriving though this time.

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