‘Sam’s Son’ — A New Play in Town

Loosely based on the Biblical story of Samson, the book, music, and lyrics of Sam’s Son were written by our very own Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble the founders of Bucket Brigade. The music was arranged by  Michael Pearce Donley (Triple Espresso, anyone?), and the whole she-bang was directed by Sean Byrd.

photo courtesy of Bonnie Allen photography


Reverend Samuel is the local preacher in the town of Goode where there are “gooood people” in the middle of the Depression and the Prohibition Eras.  Behind every person, however, is another story and when a federal Prohibition agent comes into town, those stories are exposed.  Every one of them.

You can expect so much more from Sam’s Son than your typical musical.  Act 1 begins upstairs on the stage with a beautiful set.  For intermission, the whole audience is invited downstairs to the speakeasy where they serve complimentary Vine Park Brewing Root Beer from the tap and German-style pretzels from Brake Bread.  Don’t try to top off your root beer.  It won’t work.  Honestly, though it is one of the best root beers I have ever enjoyed. The pretzels are amazing as well, but the root beer, oh, the root beer.

Don’t be eager to leave the speakeasy too early.  If you do, you will miss a vital part of the show that begins Act 2 in the middle of the root beer rowdy crowd.  And let me suggest that you hang out near the back by the windows.  Otherwise, you may be more in the middle of the action than you want to be.

My friend Andrea and I were caught in the front of the room between the action and the music, and we felt a little uncomfortable. Seriously, I was a bit nervous.  I totally cowered behind Andrea.  And people couldn’t help but notice our unease since we were right in front of everyone.  And when we were told to move out, I wanted to dash up the stairs–knowing full well we were safe–being completely immersed in the whole experience.

The show thoroughly engulfed me. I giggled and I cringed.  I was horrified and fearful.  I was shocked and heartbroken.  One of my favorite local actors Gail Ottmar is in the cast, and she had me in stitches throughout the show.

photo courtesy of Matthew Abeler

The music was incredible. The harmonies and voice arrangements gave me goosebumps.  The instrumental trio clinched the atmosphere.  It was so amazing  I wanted to purchase a soundtrack.


Sam’s Son
Playing on Thursdays-Saturdays until October 28, 2017  • 7:30 pm
Art House North
Tickets are $22-$27 with a pay-what-you-can  performance on Monday, October 16. 


Sam’s Son is worth every penny.

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