Summertime Together: Featuring the Roseville Puppet Wagon

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roseville puppet wagonRoseville Puppet Wagon
Roseville-area parks
June 18 – August 8, 2013

Consider the Roseville Puppet Wagon a fun excuse to explore a few new parks this summer. The traveling show – literally, the puppet theater is built onto the back of a pickup – visits three Roseville-area parks each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the summer months. The performances are usually less than 20 minutes in length and include back-to-back classic folk tales that most children will readily recognize.

roseville puppet wagonI brought my kids to an 11:30 a.m. show at Roseville’s Central Park Victoria West last summer and it was super simple to sit them at the picnic table for lunch while they watched. Park staff passed out bubbles and allowed the kids to climb up into the truck-bed theater afterwards to try their hand at puppetry.

If the evening is a more convenient time for your family to enjoy the park together, the Puppet Wagon also makes appearances at the many summer Discover Your Parks events. Held from 6:30 – 8 p.m., families can gather at a variety of Roseville-area parks after dinner and finish the day with themed activities, crafts, refreshments and more.

Because the Puppet Wagon is always on the move, be sure to check the summer schedule before planning a park date around a show.

Roseville Puppet Wagon Summer 2013 Schedule


 9:30 am Pioneer Park
 10:30 amCP Victoria West
 11:30 am Autumn Grove
 9:30 am Acorn Park
 10:30 am Rosebrook Park
 11:30 am Lexington Park
 9:30 am Owasso Hills Park
 10:30 am Evergreen Park
 11:30 am Lauderdale Park

Roseville Discover Your Parks 2013 schedule here.

Call 651-792-7006 for details and for updates. 

About the Author: Anne Kingston is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities.


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About the author

Anne Kingston

If we left it up to Anne to write her own bio, it would never get posted. She doesn’t enjoy talking about herself, but Anne does love exploring the Twin Cities with her family and sharing her finds here. She, her husband and their four kids are lifelong residents of St. Paul.


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    • Thanks, Hack.

      I almost wrote an article about this myself, but its off topic from Twin Cities Family Fun and I’m still not sure how ethical it is — even if it is technically legal.

  • My parents had offerred to purchase a wagon for our LO (little one) for her birthday and at the time I thought it would just take up space in the garage.� Why would I use a wagon when I have a perfectly good stroller.�

    • Hi Beth:

      The puppet wagons don’t require you to purchase a wagon, you just show up at the park and watch a puppet show out of a wagon. If you have a wagon, you could walk to the park with it and your kids could sit in the wagon while you watch.

      However, I agree with you. Everyone insisted we NEEDED a wagon, but a stroller is usually easier to handle and we believe in making kids start walking young. It’s just another thing on our lawn.

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