Reading Lists for Racial Justice

Like me, you have probably found suggestions for reading lists for racial justice and social awareness coming in faster than you can keep up. When I need to organize my thoughts, I write. This article is a list of lists, so I can begin to build my own library. There is obviously going to be some overlap and some books I wouldn’t choose to add to my own library. Some books on these lists will be better than others, but these lists are good place to start. I’ll keep adding as I find more recommendations.

What am I missing? Leave me a note after you’ve read through these lists if you see something that needs to be added.

Kids Reading Lists for Racial Justice

Here are some lists I have found to begin my book search.

Reading Lists for Racial Justice

Find Coretta Scott King Award Winners on Amazon, by clicking here.

  1. Coretta Scott King Award Books. This book award has been given out annually since 1970, so you can fill a bookshelf with 50 years of thoughtful, well-written books with this list alone.
  2. 20 Picture Books for 2020: Readings to Embrace Race, Provide Solace & Do Good by
  3. Doing Good Together’s Big-Hearted Families crated the Read With Empathy Book Lists. Includes books on a variety of topics, including diversity.
  4. Saint Paul Public Library’s curated list: Resources on Race.
  5. Washington County Library’s curated list: Resources on Race for readers of all ages..
  6. Random House: Children’s Books By Black Voices to Read with Your Kids Now
  7. PBS for Parents: 13 Children’s Books About Race and Diversity
  8. Children’s Theatre Company Suggests Theses 7 Books:
    • A Snowy Day
    • All Are Welcome
    • I am Perfectly Designed
    • I can Do Hard Things
    • Lola Goes to School
    • Last Stop on Market Street
    • Full, Full, Full of Love


Teens & Adults Book List

U of M Press – Reading for Racial Justice List– Free to read online and free downloadable discussion guides.

More Resources:

  1. Anti-Racism Resources for White People

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