Read Aloud Wednesday: ‘North Woods Girl’

Are you still not convinced that you can do voices?  Then, I have a great recommendation for you today. It’s a new book from the Minnesota Historical Society Press: North Woods Girl.

North Woods GirlWritten by  Aimee Bissonette and illustrated by Claudia McGehee, North Woods Girl is the story of a little girl and her grandmother written from the perspective of the little girl.  She is never given a name, but it’s really unnecessary because she’s you.  Or she’s your child (whether you are male or female).

Narrated by Granddaughter, North Woods Girl is a beautiful story of the magnificent wonder you can find in nature and of the touching relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.

While there isn’t any dialogue, what I love most about the book is that there are a couple of sound effects. Simple sound effects make the story come more alive: geese honking and frogs peeping.

This is a great opportunity for you to take a breath and invite your child to do the sounds with you.  When you come to these effects, slow down. Enjoy the sounds together.

Ultimately, this book is about a quiet and exciting love between family members and for the beauty of nature in all its seasons.

North Woods Girl is recommended for 3-7 year olds, but I can see older kids enjoying reading it. It really can be a story based on a boy or a girl’s perspective. It would be a fun story to turn into a backyard play.

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North Woods Girl is available for purchase in local bookstores like Red Balloon or Wild Rumpus. Or you can order it directly from the publisher Minnesota Historical Press. You can also buy it off the FFTC Amazon Shop.

“My grandma says she’s not a good-looking woman. I don’t know. She looks pretty good to me.”

While FFTC did not receive monetary compensation for this review, we did unexpectedly receive the book in the mail. I tore into the package excited to see what I would find. I was delighted to find a  new children’s book. Just as I was about to start reading it, my kindergartner’s bus pulled up, so he was able to enjoy the reading experience with me.

Thank you Minnesota Historical Press.

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