Read Aloud Wednesday: Christmas Stories

At our house, we love reading Christmas stories. We suspend any reading we are already doing and open up our Christmas books. I’m just asking you to consider reading some great Christmas tales with your family. Maybe you can enjoy snuggling with your kids by the Christmas tree while reading these stories.Read Aloud Wednesday: Christmas Stories

And if snuggling looks more like wrestling, more power to you. Be careful. Don’t knock over the Christmas tree.

Here are some Christmas stories from local authors.

Read Aloud Wednesday: Christmas Stories

The Christmas Wish

(Lori Evert & Per Breiehagen)
In the Nordic tradition of the holidays, Lori and Per weave a beautiful tale of hope and kindness through the eyes of their daughter Anja with stunning photographs and cozy scenes.

Read Aloud Wednesday: Christmas Stories

The Christmas Baby 

(Marion Dane Bauer)

If there is one thing that defines Marion Dane Bauer’s picture book writing, it’s animated peace. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not. Her tales are sweet and vibrant painting a beautiful story of meeting the Christmas baby on the first Christmas day.

How the Easter Bunny Saved Christmas
(Derek Anderson)

In the spirit of all things exciting and hilarious, Derek Anderson is a master storyteller of the “unthinkable.”  Why would the Easter Bunny need to save Christmas?  What happened to Santa?  No need to worry!  Everything is under control.

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