Mock ONE v2.0 Portable Folding Hammock Review

portable hammock

My husband’s long-time dream has been to find time to just lie in a hammock and relax. That’s not asking a lot, but a dad’s life is busy. And unfortunately, over the years, we have gone through our fair share of hammocks and he rarely gets a chance to use them before they are destroyed by our children. So, when I recently had a chance to try out the Mock ONE v2.0 Portable Folding Hammock with Stand from the Republic of Durable Goods, I jumped.

The idea of a Portable Folding Hammock is particularly appealing because it folds up neatly to fit in the back of our van and can go anywhere. Who knows when a perfect lounging opportunity might present itself.

portable folding hammock

Things We Love about the Mock ONE v2.0 Portable Folding Hammock

  • This hammock comes with its own stand, so you don’t need to find two trees.
  • It is super easy to set up. Watch the video below of my husband setting it up. It takes under 5 minutes.
  • It is equally easy to take down. Which means we can put it away a lot easier than our backyard hammock and keep it safe from kids.
  • All the pieces are connected, so you won’t lose a pole.
  • There is a sun shade that you can attach if there is no tree coverage.
  • There is a basket underneath with a cup/bottle holder for your drink.
  • It is pretty light, weighing in at 14½ pounds
  • It folds down to 11″L x 6″W x 33″H
  • It seems pretty durable. The hammock is made out of parachute nylon and the frame is made from durable coated steel. Durability is a huge selling point for us because our kids are destructive.
  • The feet are removable for storage, however, at least during the season, we find leaving them on faster and they don’t really take up that much space.


  • You need to read the directions before sitting in it. There is a strip in the center that guides your movements so it doesn’t tip over. Once you’ve got it down, its no problem, but if you just climb in without reading the directions, you might tip over.
  • This is a one person hammock. If you are like my husband, you’ll consider this an advantage, but if you are thinking of cuddling a toddler for a camping nap, this isn’t going to work.
  • This hammock has a 250 lb weight limit and a height limit of 6’4″.
  • Also, see the reader comments below regarding customer service in 2020.

Hammocks in Minnesota Parks

It is good to know that the following park systems specifically allow the use of hammocks with certain commonsense restrictions:

However, even if a park system doesn’t specifically allow hammocking, this type of Hammock would likely be okay because it doesn’t have the potential of damaging trees. Just stick to mowed areas.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this hammock directly from the Republic of Durable Goods. However, we recommend ordering through Amazon or a source you trust (see reader comments below).

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Family Fun Twin Cities received a free hammock to facilitate this review of the product, but our opinions are our own. We receive a small commission on all purchases through our Amazon link.

Please note that the recent customer service complaints, while not our experience, are concerning, and we highly recommend purchasing this product through a source you trust. However, keep in mind that these issues happened during a year of mandatory closures and we have been informed that the company is back up and running as of Spring 2021. We have chosen to keep this review because we reviewed the product, not the company, and second-hand purchasers also deserve product reviews.

8 thoughts on “Mock ONE v2.0 Portable Folding Hammock Review”

  1. I always love hammock camping, A hammock makes me think of slow summer days and the smell of fresh-cut lawns and garden flowers. So folding a hammock can be a great choice for me for an outdoor hammock. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Right! Although the reality is often kids fighting over their chance for the hammock, too many people piled in, and Dad too busy to get his turn.

  2. This company is a total scam and you should not be recommending people buy their product. I ordered in early June and they have not delivered and are unresponsive. They are just stealing money at this point.

    1. Sue. I am so sorry that this is happening. It was not my experience when I reviewed the product. However, I have edited our post to recommend purchasing through Amazon as they have proven to be a good mediary in situations like this — which I agree have increased across the board this year. I suspect forced closures and stay-at-home orders have affected manufacturing and distribution. This does not excuse the lack of customer support.

  3. I just wanted to warm people off this product not due to the product it’s self but the customer service. It seems they have experienced supply chain issues and are take orders that they cannot fill. (My guess) I made a order in June 60+ days later and I still don’t have my hammock. No response to email and messenger inquiries I have sent outside of the automated ones. As a last ditch effort I have disputed my charge in the PayPal system in the hopes I will get some kind of response. At this point I am assuming I am out $200.

    1. Hi Justine. We’re sorry you’ve had this experience. We recommend ordering products like this through our Amazon link for this very reason. Amazon is wonderful for mediating in circumstances like this.

  4. Very good review. Thank you, however, my experience with the company has been less than ideal. I do like the Mock One. Super comfortable and portable. Exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the company has terrible customer service. I’m still waiting for the accessories I ordered back in May (it’s now July). Communication with the company is terrible. Buyer beware. Very nice product, if you can actually get one but I’d recommend looking elsewhere.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Dave. Although, we did not have the same experience with the Mock ONE, we do highly recommend ordering through Amazon, which we link to in the article. We have found their assistance invaluable when dealing with customer service of other companies.

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