Most Popular Baby Names in Minnesota

By now anyone who has searched for baby names knows that the Social Security Administration releases a list of the most popular names for each year around May. I have always tried (with mixed results) to stay out of the top 500 in the hopes my kids don’t share the same name with a half-dozen classmates. Did you know that you can go a step further and narrow the results to the most popular baby names are for just Minnesota?

Minnesota Baby Names

How does Minnesota stack up? We are not all significantly different than the rest of the country. But, it may be good to know that Henry, which is 18th nationally, was the number 3 boys name in Minnesota in 2017. For girls in 2017, Nora ranked number 5 in Minnesota, but only 28th nationally.

But I Love The Most Popular Baby Name!

What are the odds your child will have the same name as a classmate? According to the Minnesota State Demographic Center, approximately 70,000 babies are born in the state each year. Oliver, the most popular baby name in 2017, was chosen for 357 babies. That is not even 1% of the population. And, in 2018, that name dropped to third place. If you happen to choose the most popular name, you still have pretty good odds your child can be the only Oliver in their class. You could always pick a less popular middle name.

Pass On Your Leftover Baby Names

What names did you consider, but pass up? I really wanted a Bernadette, but my husband hates the name. Apparently, he is in the majority, because it hasn’t even made the top 1000 this decade. We also never got around to Calvin, which peaked in 2017 with a ranking of 145.

Leave us a note below with your leftover baby names, maybe someone else can use them!

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