Pop Culture Frozen Yogurt

I had been waiting for months from the moment I first saw the sign saying, “Pop Culture Frozen Yogurt Coming!”  in Arden Hills–just off of Lexington Avenue.

My curiousity was picqued!  I had never heard of Pop Culture. For months, I would drive by, look in the window, and see it wasn’t yet open. After much impatience and aggravation, I finally saw the sign, “Open for Business!”

It was time.

POPCulture Frozen Yogurt

Location:  3833 Lexington Ave N, Suite 108, Arden Hills MN 55126
Phone:  651- 766-2547
Store Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Friday-Saturday 11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. (Winter Hours)

popculture froyo
image courtesy of PopCulture Frozen Yogurt

Pop Culture was born from the ingenuis mind of Gary Gronquist. He had always wanted to open a yogurt shop and he loves pop culture. So he combined these two passions into an energizing store in the northern Twin Cities suburbs. Pop Culture open just north of  the other business that he and his wife, Julie, own: Balance for Life.

After touring all the franchises in the Twin Cities and many around the country, Gary committed to a few things for his guests.

  • Buying Local
  • Mixing fresh yogurt daily
  • Crafting a comfortable atmosphere

Buying Local

All of POP’s dairy is 100% MN dairy.  It is from White Bear Lake through Annie’s Frozen Yogurt (based in Edina) and comes in six base flavors:  Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla–no sugar, Tart and Sorbet.

Even the freezers and refrigerators and counter top are Minnesota-made. It is there goal to support the state and local economy.

Daily Mixing Fresh Yogurt

Each day, Gary and his staff start with a new batch of yogurt and flavors.  While they have their basics for everyone, the flavors change daily.

Gary mixes the yogurt with traditional flavorings which tend to be a healthier alternative to the powdered mixes.  The mixes made with powder tends to ruin the culture of the yogurt causing the yogurt to contain crystals, to become heavy and to be wet and not creamy.


Crafting a Comfortable Atmosphere

After their frozen yogurt shop tour, Gary and Julie determined some of their must-haves had to do with the comfort of their guests. First of all, they wanted to provide comfortable and sturdy chairs as opposed to plastic, flimsy chairs. POP’s chairs are heavy duty steel with a beautiful and comfortable cushion.

They also wanted to offer a more relaxed feel, so they added a couple of retro armchairs at the front of the store.

They also created a free standing toppings bar so that people didn’t feel rushed while they decided on their treats’ toppings. They observed that many other shoppes unintentionally forced their customers to rush through the toppings, and the Gronquists wanted to give people the chance to take their time as they made decisions.

Two other things Gary insisted on: a full sauce bar including all your favorites and then some, a whipped cream machine.  Actually, the whipping cream machine almost wasn’t (because the price was outrageous), but due to some good luck, they were able to purchase a very well maintained used one.

FroyoHow POP Culture Frozen Works

When you walk into the store, walk to the back.  You start in the back choosing from 10 different single flavors and five more twist flavors.

As you walk to your left, you are faced with a selection of dry toppings including but not limited to cereals.

After you have loaded up on your dry toppings, make an about face to find the free standing toppings bar that includes fresh fruit, candies and cookies and so many other delicious things.

Make another about face and meet up with the sauce bar and whipping cream machine.

When it’s all said and done, you walk just a bit more to your left and you set your dessert on a scale and you pay for you frozen delight.

pcfy punch card
Image Courtesy of POP Culture Frozen Yogurt

POP Highlights

  • Punch cards–Get a stamp for every froyo you purchase.  After you have purchase 10, get $5 off you next purchase. 
  • Tuesday nights from 7:00-close is double punch night.  Get two stamps for every froyo you purchase. 
  • A great place for birthday parties 
  • Brightly colored decorations and comfortable seating 
  • Super Sweet Staff (I have really enjoyed all of them whom I have met)

POPCulture Frozen Yogurt Makes Everyone Happy

This article was written February 25, 2015
by Gianna Kordatzky

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