Pollinator Family Fun in the Twin Cities


Each year, there are so many pollinator events in the Twin Cities, particularly in the late summer and early fall. We’ll add them here as we find them (and remove them as they pass) start watching in spring of 2020 for more.

Ongoing Events Featuring Butterflies & Bees

All Summer: Pollinators Exhibit @ Como Zoo  • 10am-6pm • Hundreds of butterflies in an indoor garden environment filled with tropical plants • Free – Watch for this in 2020 again. 

All Summer: Pollinators Garden @ Sun Ray Library, St. Paul • This branch has a pollinator prairie garden and an outdoor reading garden. While there, kids can check out a monarch-themed Nature Smart Backpack.

July: Pollinator Party @ Lyndale Park Gardens, East side of Lake Harriet • 5pm-8pm. • Family highlights: Learn about bees from scientists and beekeepers, while enjoying food and live music in this annual festival-style event • Free

Late Summer: Monarch Tagging @ Three Rivers Parks • Family highlights: Help catch and tag monarchs before they migrate to Mexico. Learn about their life stages and and tagging research

August: Butterfly House @ State Fair • 8am-10pm • Family highlights: Pictured above, if you sit still you might just get a butterfly to land on you. • $3.50/pp (plus gate fee).

September: Minneapolis Monarch Festival @ Lake Nokomis • 49th St and Woodlawn Blvd, Minneapolis • 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. • Family highlights: Monarch education and tagging, costume parade, 4 acre pollinator-friendly Naturescape, make a milkweed seed bomb, games, music, and art • Free

6 Ideas for Pollinator Fun at Home:

  1. Start a Butterfly Garden (In the Spring):  The website for Flight of the Butterflies offers detailed instructions for creating your own butterfly garden. Another good place to go for advice specific to Minnesota is the UM Extension Site
  2. Learn More About The Butterfly Life Cycle: The National Wildlife Federation offers a Visual Journey Through the Monarch Life Cycle that includes videos of various stages.  
  3. Raise Your Own Butterflies:I did this one year for my oldest daughter.  She was really too little to appreciate it, and that is probably good. Neither of my butterflies made it out of the cocoon. We had gathered the caterpillars at my sisters house and apparently there was a parasite on both of them.  They ate the caterpillar in its cocoon and than came out like some something out of an Alien movie.  It was disgusting and kind of a turn off to trying again for awhile.  No one, including my sister, that I know has ever had this problem, but you can always just order a Live Butterfly Garden, like this one through our Amazon affiliate link to avoid the possibility.

    Flight of the Butterflies - Review and Butterfly Fun.
  4. Adopt a Monarch Habitat in Mexico. This is a cool idea for a no-clutter gift and could make a great stocking stuffer or gift-exchange present. Protect the Monarch Butterfly through GreaterGood.Org.
  5. Create Some Pollinator-Inspired Art. Check out these adorable paper plate bees courtesy of Non-Toy Gifts.
  6. Watch Flight of the Butterflies Together. We were able to review this film in 2014 when it was at the Science Museum. Now it is available to rent through several streaming services.

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