Planes: Fire and Rescue – Parental Review

I drove to the theatre happy to be able to bring the boys to a fun evening out with Mama to see Planes: Fire and Rescue, but I wasn’t into the whole sequel to Planes thing. I liked Planes fine, but I didn’t want to see it again. And now I was going to the sequel?

Find out if I recommend this movie!

Planes: Fire and Rescue
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Parental Review of Planes: Fire and Rescue

Put simply, I highly recommend Planes: Fire & Rescue.  It’s got so much heart.  They do a nice job of contrasting doing what you want to do with doing what you should do.  I caught myself holding my breath because I cared so much about Harvey and Winnie–the RVs.

With that said, it’s got some really intense scenes. Dash (age 6) who doesn’t mind scary scenes at all, but he can’t handle the anxiety of anticipation of possible trouble, couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.  Generally, if he’s worried, he runs from the room screaming.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with him sometimes.

While the intense scenes didn’t bother Dash, I was glad I was holding Jack (age 4) in my lap to comfort him in some of the scarier scenes.

Enjoying Planes: Fire and Rescue
A fun boys evening out with Mama

Also, it was in 3D.  It does not need to be in 3D.  It would have been the same experience without the glasses.  Let me reiterate, the 3D part of the movie is unnecessary.  The planes weren’t really flying out at us. The only thing I wanted to reach out and touch were the symbols that appeared before the movie even began!

If you want a heartfelt movie that speaks volumes without preaching at your kids, you will be pleased with Planes: Fire and Rescue.

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