Peeking in on Peek

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Kyla, my fourth grader, wants to be a fashion designer–among many other things–when she grows up, so when Family Fun Twin Cities was invited to come to Grand Opening of Peek–a unique children’s clothing and gift store in the Mall of America–she was estatic.  We were also invited to come chat with Tina Canales, the owner and CEO of Peek, and I thought, “How much fun would Kyla have learning about the fashion industry?  And how much fun would it be for us to watch her learn about it?”

peek for kids

Kyla and Tina Canales, Owner and CEO of Peek

When I asked them if she could do the interview, everyone was beyond excited at the idea.  I offered Kyla the job, and she jumped at the chance!   Here is her interview.  I was the camera operator and I have no training so please forgive my ineptitude with the camera!        

The highlights of Peek:
  • IMG_2011[1]The clothes are beautiful, and all the merchandise is high quality (which means the cost is a little high–more on that later).
  • It’s a great gift store.  They have everything you need for a fabulous gift.  Unique clothes, fantastic books, and fun toys.  It is a perfect destination for gifts.
  • peek for kids

    do you see the hidden sketch book and crayons?

    The many fun things for kids to enjoy

    The many fun things for kids to enjoy

    Peek knows how to make the shopping experience easier and more fun for everyone–moms, dads, AND kids.  There is a restroom in the store, so you don’t have to leave the store and search out a bathroom somewhere in the mall.  There are little nooks and crannies just for the kids with hidden treasures.  Also, behind the counter, they have jars and jars of goodies for the kids:  bouncy balls, buttons to wear, granola bars, suckers, dinosaurs.  Lots of things for the little ones to enjoy while their grown-ups shop.

The lowlights of Peek: 
  • peek for kidsThe clothes are quality clothes, and while this is not a lowlight for the product, it can kind of hurt the wallet.  My suggestion is that you plan for a shopping trip and make a budget.    The shoes they carry are designed by Tina and are high-quality leather. These are clothes that you will pass along to other family members.
  • The only store in Minnesota is in the Mall of America.  This would be a great store to visit in Uptown or on Grand Avenue.  

peek for kids


Amy--manager--with my crew

Amy–manager–with my crew

Overall, we loved our Peek experience.  Tina loves kids, and it’s easy to see by the designs she has come up with.  Tina also knows families and understand our needs.  She provides tools for a positive shopping affair.  You will enjoy your time at Peek when you spend a little (or a lot) of your time and money.


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