Papa Murphy’s Behind the Counter Tour

Honestly, I don’t know how it began or how in the world all these bloggers get these connections, BUT there I was headed to Papa Murphy’s in Blaine with my two little men in tow.  

We go to Papa Murphy’s on an almost weekly basis.  Not this particular Papa Murphy’s, but I thought how different could they be?  I know all there is to know about this store, but if they are going to send me home with a free pizza, then, I will endure 2 hours of being shown stuff I already know. 

Papa Murphy's Behind the Counter TourIf you have never heard of Papa Murphy’s, they are a national brand of “take and bake” pizza with stores all over the country.  While we like to focus on local businesses here at Family Fun Twin Cities, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet with other bloggers and get to know some local franchise owners.  Plus, did I mention I got to take home a free pizza of my choice?

The Papa Murphy’s we visited is owned by Larry Buechler.  He owns the one on Highway 10 in Blaine and one in Arden Hills on Lexington, just across from Target.  He and his son Darren run the stores, and they gave a very indepth tour letting us in on many of their secrets. 

  • Everything is fresh except the meats which are flash frozen for health code adherence.  The dough is made, the veggies are chopped, the cheese is grated each day. Then each ingredient is labeled with the date and they know the expiration dates when they need to toss the ingredients.  Larry and Darren made sure that we knew that it doesn’t mean the pizza is bad.  They just have to follow the guidelines for safety.

Papa Murphy's Behind the Counter Tour

  • The pan pizza is made from the same ingredients as their traditional crust with the addition of oil. 
  • DeLite pizzas (their thinnest crusts) wasn’t supposed to be only a thin crust pizza but a healthier one. 
  • There are 2 different kinds of red sauce:  traditional and herb.  The herb sauce is more robust, and our family likes it better than the traditional sauce.  It was developed for the deLite pizzas, but you can put it on any pizza.  (And we do)
  • You can get a heart-shaped pizza any time of the year.  You just have to ask. 

Papa Murphy's Behind the Counter TourAfter our tour and tasting of the cinnamon wheel (made from the same pizza crust dough), we got the privilege to work in the front of the house.  We didn’t know this, but we were making our own pizzas.  And we could make whatever we wanted.  I was in line behind Lisa from Twin Cities Frugal Mom (who is so much fun!) .  She got crazy and divided her pizza up into thirds.  I didn’t think I could do that, so I just did half and half:  half bacon cheeseburger (a summertime flavor that I LOVE) and half modified Murphy’s Combo: pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions. Chris and I just take the mushrooms off since we are not fans of them.

If you have never eated a Papa Murphy’s pizza, I highly recommend them, as do many other moms (like Lisa!)

I want to thank Larry and Darren for inviting us to invade their workspace, welcoming many of our little ones, and doing it all with smiles on their faces.  I also want to thank Lisa for sharing her photos with me since I was the only unprepared writer in the bunch.  (Really, I had thought I had grabbed my camera, but apparently not)



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