Top 10 Reader Picks for Keeping Kids Busy
31 Days of Family Celebrations in March
6 Family Streaming Recommendations from the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Society

Top 10 Reader Picks for Keeping Kids Busy

I really love the Family Fun Twin Cities community of parents. Our readers have some great ideas for boredom busters that keep kids busy and engaged in imaginative play. We’ve collected the 10 top toy and activity selections from our virtual village. These are so on target that I find myself wanting to add many of these to our cart to order for Easter basket stuffers.

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Active Toys to Keep Kids Busy

1) Jump Ropes:

We have two winners in the jump rope department.

For an inexpensive, but quality jump rope, The Champion Sports segmented jump rope is reminiscent of the jump ropes used as boredom busters for school. Like the school ropes, it adds a little weight with plastic beads. Available in multiple colors and lengths.

Reader Picks for Keeping Kids Busy - Jump Ropes

Champion Sports Plastic Segmented Jump Rope – Available in Multiple Colorful Sizes

Readers also like the Green Toys Jump Rope. It is adjustable so the size can be fit to the individual child.

Keep Kids Busy with Green Toys Jump Rope

Green Toys Jump Rope

2) Ring Toss Game

As far as outdoor games go, this Ring Toss Yard Game actually works pretty well as an indoor physical game, too. Even in my own small house, I think I could make enough room; and the rings aren’t too heavy, so I’m not worried about things getting broken.

 Ring Toss Yard Games - Keeping Kids Busy

Elite Outdoor Games For Kids – Ring Toss Yard Games for Adults and Family

3) Three Legged Racing

While you may know this best as a group game at parties, all you really need is two siblings and a stop watch timer. If they practice three legged racing together now, by the next party, they’ll be ready to compete! This activity might be best for backyard or other grassy areas – at least at first.

3 Legged Race to Keep Kids Busy when they are bored

3 Legged Race Bands via Amazon.

Keep Kids Busy with Arts and Craft Activities

4) Paint by Sticker

If you are looking for creative activities for kids, this is like the Paint by Numbers we remember, but Paint by Sticker is less messy. Aimed at kids ages 5-12, parents like it because it encourages independent play that is not too difficult but offers hours of fun. Other families enjoy doing them together – like a puzzle.

Keep Kids Busy - Paint by Sticker

Paint By Sticker -Kids

5) Learn to Draw

This How to Draw 101 Animals book is the top recommendation from readers, but I like the books by Ed Emberly, too. Both help kids learn to draw with a sequence of steps. Kids can practice following directions, but they can also learn new skills to be creative on their own later.

At Home Educational Activities That Keep Kids Busy

6) Brain Quest Workbooks & Flash Cards

I have always loved picking up Brain Quest cards to make Trivial Pursuit into a family game. Each kid just gets their own developmentally appropriate set of question cards to answer on their turn. However, many of our readers are taking advantage of the workbooks Brain Quest offers to keep kids busy with educational activities at home.

7) Write-On/Wipe Off Books

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of dry-erase books. I’d rather just keep a fresh supply of workbooks and coloring books (which I can always pick up cheap at thrift stores), but I think the exception is for learning to write letters and numbers. In this case, repetitive use makes sense. This reader pick of the Alphaprints: Wipe Clean Workbook is a good example.

Keeping kids busy learning their alphabet

Alphaprints: Wipe Clean Workbook ABC (Wipe Clean Activity Books)

Games for Kids to Keep Busy Inside

8) Knock Knock Jokes

Here’s a boredom buster you can do anywhere — at home, in the car, or even on the phone with Grandma. Get Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids in physical or in downloadable Kindle format for instant fun.

Knock Knock Jokes make great boredom busters to keep kids busy

9) I Spy Books

A classic favorite, this is a nice activity to keep in the car or other places where kids get bored easily, I spy books are even fun for adults.

Keeping Kids Busy with I Spy

10) Go Fish

Is Go Fish everyone’s first card game? You can play with your own deck, but readers like this deck because the cards are a bit smaller for small hands and the fish pictures are a little easier to learn than the names of the various playing cards. For older kids, I recommend a good basic deck and a book of card games.


Keep the ideas coming! Leave us a comment or drop us an email with your ideas for the best games and activities to keep you kids engaged. Bonus points if it can be family fun.

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6 Family Streaming Recommendations from the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Society

As you may already know, like everything else, the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Festival is on hold this spring. Normally held for 3 weeks in April, this year it will have to wait until public gatherings are advisable again. Not to worry, this week’s newsletter offered some family streaming recommendations suggested by the staff of the Film Society. Several of these suggestions assume you have an Amazon Prime membership. The link below is an affiliate link and Family Fun Twin Cities receives a small commission if you sign up through us.

Family Streaming Recommendations from MSP Film Society

  1. Jesse Bishop, Programming Director recommends the stop-animation series Tumble Leaf. His toddler loves it. It is currently streaming on Amazon and included in your Prime Membership.
  2. Craig Rice, Youth & Adult Educational Programming recommends the documentary about Minneapolis’s Lucy Laney Elementary: Love Them First. Available on the film’s website through YouTube.
  3. Deb Gridwood, Childish Films and & Nextwave Director suggests one of my favorite Movies, Belle & Sebastian. Included with your Prime Membership.
  4. She also suggests, Out School, which streams online film discussions, classes, and activities for ages 7 to 18 including a whole series on Studio Ghibli animation (My Neighbor Totoro).
  5. Andrew Lussenhop, Content Manager recommends the PG movie Nova Seed. Stream the full movie on YouTube.
  6. His TV Show recommendation is The Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time (also PG), available on Hulu.

Want more ideas? These suggestions came from their newsletter, which included adult suggestions as well as these family-friendly ideas. Sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of this webpage.

If You Just Want a List of Movies

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Your Turn

What are you watching at home these days? Drop us a comment and share with the community. No judgment, but if you can share age recommendations, and any other helpful parental guidance, the community would appreciate it.


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