Broadway Pizza Birthday Club
Family Fun: Walk With A Naturalist at Silverwood Park
The Fairy Ring, or Elsie and Frances Fool the World by Mary Losure – Review

Broadway Pizza Birthday Club

We signed up for the Broadway Pizza Birthday club when my kids were small. This has to be one of the best birthday clubs around. Each year my kids get a coupon at the beginning of their birthday month that includes a personal sized pizza, a drink, a sundae and a “special surprise”. The special surprise has varied year to year. Gifts have included a frisbee, a beach ball and sunglasses.

If we are particularly busy or broke, we can do a one-on-one outing with a parent and the birthday child. However, we don’t eat out often, so it is kind of a treat to make it a family birthday outing when we can. When that happens, we make sure to go to the Original Broadway Station, where we can see the little red caboose out front of the store and watch the train go around the bar.

One of my main criteria for family outings is that I want to do grown up things and still get to hang out with my kids. I love restaurants that are family-friendly, but not kid-oriented. The train theme and the model-train in particular make this restaurant a great place to take the kids; but it is still a real grown up restaurant. Sometimes — if we can ignore the little people throwing food at us and crawling under the table — we can pretend we are on a real date. Actually, our kids are better behaved than some of our pre-kid friends. None of my kids have ever hit on the waitress or got embarrassingly drunk at dinner; and they are a whole heck of a lot cuter when they do misbehave.

Although it now has locations as far away as Rochester and Eau Claire, Broadway Pizza has an interesting history that is rooted in Northeast Minneapolis. If you want to sign your child up for the birthday club you can download the registration form hereI know this sounds a little like a commercial for Broadway Pizza. Really, we just love good neighborhood pizza and Broadway is our favorite.  

We signed up for the Broadway Pizza Birthday club

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Family Fun: Walk With A Naturalist at Silverwood Park

As I have said in the past, my family likes to spend time at Silverwood Park. Dash has enjoyed the Doodlebugs preschool program and we all like to play in the woods and water or walk on the trails. However, the park offers so many programs for adults and children to enjoy. Separately or together. One of the experiences you can enjoy together is called Walk With A Naturalist.

And I’ll give you one guess what you get to do during this event.

That’s right!  You get to walk with a naturalist.

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The Fairy Ring, or Elsie and Frances Fool the World by Mary Losure – Review

This week, we are finishing up The Fairy Ring, or Elsie and Frances Fool the World by Mary Losure. Afterward, we are going to watch FairyTale: A True Story.  Both stories are about the cousins, Frances and Elsie, who faked pictures of fairies around the time of World War I. Although the movie takes a lot of creative liberties with the facts, it will be a nice way to help my children picture a time a place that are very different from their own.

The Fairy Ring: Or Elsie and Frances Fool the World

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 In The Fairy Ring, Mary Losure writes the kind of children’s biography that I always thought should be written.  It is both factual without being dry.  She doesn’t underestimate her readers, but she picked a subject that excites the imagination. She tells the facts in a simple way that kids can follow.  In the end, she leaves it up to the reader whether to believe if Frances saw real fairies.  Not even her children were in agreement on that point.

This book is recommended for Age 10 and up.  I am reading it out loud to my 8-year-old. We need to stop a lot to answer questions and often go back to clarify something important that I thought she understood, but she is very interested in the story and following it pretty well. The toddlers are not at all interested. I had a vague knowledge of this subject when we started and really enjoyed learning the full story. I’ve actually read ahead and finished it on my own.

I’ve also pre-watched FairyTale: A True Story. I would recommend watching it after you’ve finished the book, since it takes so many liberties with the real story.  The girls are much younger and the events happen much closer together, for instance. Overall, though, it is a slow-moving but good story and age-appropriate for an eight-year-old. Again, the toddlers will have no interest in it.

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Mary Losure has also written Wild Boy: The Real Life of the Savage of Aveyron by Mary Losure (Amazon link) — another true story that has taken on folkloric proportions. 

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