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Cavell Playground, Minneapolis
Cliff Fen Park and Burnsville Lions Playground
Eagles Nest Indoor Playground, New Brighton

Cavell Playground, Minneapolis

Cavell Playground, a quiet neighborhood park in NE Minneapolis, was built into a hillside near one of the highest points in the city.

  • Cavell Playground Chess Table
  • Cavell Playground Equipment
  • Cavell Playground Equipment
  • Cavell Playground Sand Factory
  • Cavell Playground - 4Square and Hopscotch
  • Cavell Playround Sign

Besides a playground and a tot lot, this park offers tennis courts and a baseball field. The tot lot includes a structure we call the “sand factory”. Kids can haul sand up with a pulley system and dump it down tubes to the ground. This is surprisingly engaging for bigger kids as well as the little ones.

One of my favorite features of this park is that they took the time to paint four-square and hopscotch courts on the sidewalk. Not many parks do that anymore.  Bring a ball or a rock.  In case you’ve forgotten how to play, here are some instructions for four squares and instructions for hopscotch.

There is a picnic area with built in chess boards on the tables — bring your own pieces. The table top is a little loose, enabling sore losers to knock over the men after they lose. However, the chess board is metal, so if your checkers or chess pieces are magnetic, the loser will have to work harder to disrupt the board.

I did not see a grill, but if you bring your own, Cavell Playground is only a couple blocks from Ready Meats (Johnson Street and 36th) – where you can grab a few burgers or brats and some sides for an impromptu picnic. Picnic tables at this park are not reservable, but it is usually a very quiet park.

Also nearby is Hill Valley Cafe (Central Avenue and 33rd) and the Audubon Neighborhood shops and restaurants (Johnson Street and 28th), including Northeast Coffee Shop.

Sledding at Cavell Park

With the popular Columbia Golf Course sledding hill only a few blocks away, this park can be a forgotten gem for sledding with smaller children. Unlike many parks, the downhill slopes go into the park instead of toward a street or sidewalk. There is plenty of open space. Find more sledding hills here.

Sand Wasps at Cavell Park in Late Summer

During one late-summer visit to this park, we saw a lot of wasps hovering around the sand and cut our visit short. While I don’t mind bees, yellow jackets are a good enough reason for me to stay away. That is why I’m sharing this information on sand wasps from MPRB. It turns out these were probably not yellow jackets, but male sand wasps. While they look similar to yellow jackets, sand wasps are non-aggressive and native pollinators. Males don’t have stingers and females will leave you alone unless you invade their nest.

Cliff Fen Park and Burnsville Lions Playground

Cliff Fen Park in Burnsville offers families a variety of amenities, including a large playground and splash pad, walking trail through scenic Wetlands, picnic amenities and sports fields. It also offers access to the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge.

This park has wireless internet through the City of Burnsville Public WiFi.

Burnsville Lions Playground at Cliff Fen Park

The Burnsville Lions Playground is a large 87 pieces play structure that can hold as many as 265 kids. Play pieces are geared toward children of all ages. There is plenty of room for everyone to run, slide, swing and climb!

Family Picnics and Birthday Parties at Cliff Fen Park

The park has free-standing picnic tables and three picnic shelters with electricity and Wi-Fi. The shelters can be reserved. Prices range from around $30 for a 2-hour weekday party for a resident of Burnsville to around $100 for a full-day at the non-resident weekend price. Prices are subject to change. Call 952-895-4500 to verify prices and make a reservation. For more birthday party venue ideas, see our Ultimate Guide to Twin Cities Birthday Parties for Kids.

Burnsville Lions Playground Splash Pad

The large splash pad has 12-15 water features and covers the space of a medium-sized house. See the video below from the City of Burnsville. The splash pad is open daily 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. It usually opens the third weekend in May and closes the third weekend in September (weather permitting of course). The water does not run non-stop. If you arrive and find it off, you can activate the spray by push the silver button in the center of the blue drain. it will shut off again every several minutes when the button isn’t pressed.

Find more splash pads on our master list: Cool Off at Twin Cities Area Splash Pads & Wading Pools.

Eagles Nest Indoor Playground, New Brighton

The Eagles Nest Indoor Playground is found in the New Brighton Community Center. Its equipment includes a ball pit, an 8 foot climbing wall, a triple slide, a wiggle waggles and a foam forest. The Eaglets Aerie is a tot space for children aged 3 and under and contains developmentally appropriate activities, including a ball pit and climbing structure, as well as a reading corner. The City of New Brighton completely renovated the indoor playground in the fall of 2017. 

Children are required to wear socks. If you forget them, socks be purchased for $3 per pair.

Eagles Nest - Park Birthday Parties

Many Community Centers have Indoor Playgrounds that offer Birthday Party Packages

Eagles Nest Prices and Discounts

Admission is currently $6.50 per child. This price went into effect on January 1, 2020. Any increases tend to happen with the new year.

Discount opportunities we have found include:

  1. Membership to the New Brighton Community Center includes unlimited play at the Eagles Nest. Youth and family memberships available.
  2. Discounted twilight admission on weeknights (Monday-Friday) after 6pm for $4.00.
  3. Frequent visitors may want to purchase a punch pass to get 12 visits for the price of 10.
  4. Twin Cities Kids Club members can use their membership to get 2 for 1 admission
  5. Discounted passes are sometimes available on Groupon.

See the venues website for group deals, punch passes and membership information.

Food at the Eagles Nest

Families may bring food and eat it in the picnic area or purchase it from vending machines. No food is allowed in the play area. The family picnic area is not meant for parties.

Eagles Nest Age Guidelines

Note that this play area is geared toward children ages 1 to 12. Children under 1 are welcome and free. Children older than 12 may not play, but are allowed in the spectator area with their parents. However, teenagers who come with their families have other options, including the community center’s gym and library. All children inside the Eagles Nest (whether playing or spectating) must be accompanied by an adult.

Birthday Parties at the Eagles Nest

Birthday Parties range from 5-child Weekday Birthday Blitz to an Exclusive Use party for up to 25. All parties have options for paying for extra children if you exceed the limit. Some party packages include refreshments and cake, while others are bring-your-own.

Drop in parties are not allowed. If you plan to bring gifts, favors, balloons, cake/cupcakes or other accessories, you must make a birthday party reservation.

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