Old Gem Theatre’s Saturday Play Date at Bryant Lake Bowl

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In the tradition of September’s Apple theme, we couldn’t NOT let you know about the chance to see the tale of Johnny Appleseed!

Tom Monn as Grandpa Smith

Tom Monn as Grandpa Smith

WHAT:          Saturday ³Play² Dates
WHO:           Old Gem Theater Acting Company
WHERE:         Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater
WHEN:          Saturday September 21 at noon
TICKETS:       Adults $12 ($10 with Fringe Button)  Kids $6

Online through: www.bryantlakebowl.com
or call the box office at 612-825-8949.


For the first time ever New Richmond Wisconsin¹s Old Gem Theater will be
performing the musical ³Johnny Appleseed² in Minneapolis at the Bryant-Lake

³Johnny Appleseed² is an autumn tradition at the Old Gem.  A version of the
tall tale hero¹s exploits in the pioneer days has been performed at the Old
Gem every fall, during apple picking season, since 2002.  Tens of thousands
of elementary students have visited the Old Gem to see the musical story of
Johnny Appleseed.  Many teachers bring their students to the toe-tapping
musical comedy every year.

Fun Fact: Over the years dozens of actors familiar to Twin Cities¹ audiences
have taken their turn on the Old Gem stage in ³Johnny Appleseed.²  Previous
cast members include: Joseph Scrimshaw, Tim Uren, Natalie Rae Wass, Jane
Hamill, Jen Scott, Craig Anderson, Rita Black Tredal, Kara Greshwalk, Matt
Kraft and many others.

This year¹s cast members include Tom Monn of Woodbury and Bethany Chastain,
Kathy Welch and Andrew Hey of Minneapolis.

³Johnny Appleseed². Is fun for kids from pre-school on up and feature
stress-free audience participation.  Parents, don¹t need to worry.  The
actors don¹t make anyone take the stage who doesn¹t want to.

For more information about the Old Gem Theater call 715-246-3285 or
1-800-886-8035 or visit www.oldgemtheater.com.

The Bryant-Lake Bowl is handicapped accessible and is located at 810 West
Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Disclosure:  from the Old Gem Theatre’s Press Release

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