November is We Can Give Back Month

November is We Can Give Back Month for Family Fun Twin Cities. Scroll to the bottom to find links to all our articles on fun ways to give back as a family, because we truly believe that giving back can be family fun.

November is We Can Give Back MonthNovember is a great month to instill in our children (and ourselves) a more global perspective.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and forget that there is more to the world around us.  But in November, with the gearing up for the Holiday season and the celebration of Thanksgiving, we can take the time to look around and open our eyes to needs.

Whether your family is concerned about the environment, those in need, social justice issues, or animals, there are plenty of opportunities to take time and teach about what you value.

We invite you to join us in starting a new family tradition of We Can Give Back Month. Before you get into the helter skelter holiday schedule of November and December, put on your schedule a time to give back, to pay it forward, to teach yourself and your family that the world is bigger than your calendar and that there is nothing like sacrificing your time and energy for someone else.

During our first year, Big Hearted Families (a division of Doing Good Together) helped us out to bring you ideas. In fact, Sarah of BHF made a quick stop to introduce a new way of thinking.

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Gianna spoke with Ali Lucia at WCCO about the various options available for volunteering during the holidays  – Nov. 12, 2018

How to Start Giving Back as a Family

Over the years, we have shared a variety of ideas for things your family can do together to make a change in the world or in your family’s perspective. Because that’s where change starts; in our own hearts.

First figure out what is important to you. It’s hard to think beyond the schedule, I know. But if you didn’t have obligations or a schedule, how would you want to spend your time? What values do you want to instill in your children? What needs to be taken out of your schedule? What needs to be added in?

For me, it’s important for my children to learn compassion. I want to add to our daily schedule a time to learn what the Bible says about compassion.  And I want to take out of our schedule all my “mandatory” exercise time and try to figure out a better time to do that.  (It’s not that exercise is bad.  It’s the 3 hours it takes to get it done including the yelling at my boys to “just obey me already!”)

Family Fun Twin Cities will have a lot of different holiday activities posted in the coming months. We are excited to bring them to you, but before we begin the holiday hoopla, we want to introduce you to some ways to give back as a family.

Because we can give back!

We Can Give Back Month Ideas

Below are links to some of our favorite ideas for giving back as a family:

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