November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

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Monday, November 9, 2020
Go to an Art Museum Day

At Home Family Fun:

The Met offers quite a bit of artwork in the public domain. Print one, like the Painting — Merry Company on a Terrace below — and play a game of I Spy.  Go to the original on The Met’s website so you can increase the size as needed.  You should be able to find:

  1. A Sunflower
  2. A walking stick with a face at the tip
  3. A hobby horse
  4. Pink roses
  5. Earrings
  6. A man sticking out his tongue
Title:Merry Company on a Terrace Artist:Jan Steen (Dutch, Leiden 1626–1679 Leiden) Date:ca. 1670
Click here to go to the original image on The Met website.

Because The Met allows for downloading and use of Open Access works, it could be fun to download and print artwork to study together and learn more about.

Outing Idea:

Ironically, Art Museums in Minnesota are traditionally closed on Mondays. The Minneapolis Institute of Art and Walker Art Center are both re-opened, but you can’t visit today. Since they both require pre-registration, order some tickets today. You could plan a Thursday or weekend visit by exploring ahead on their websites.

Read Aloud:

Dinner Ideas:

I don’t know any parent who has time to make art out of their food, but these 19 Works Of Art Made With Food are fun to look at and maybe it will inspire a helper to dish out tonight’s dinner with a little extra flair.

Dinner Conversation Starter: Babar’s children have many questions about Art. “Does it have to be pretty? Does it have to be old? Does it have to make sense?”  How do you feel about these questions?

Learn More:

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