November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Book Lovers Day

At Home Family Fun:

  • Check out these FREE book arts how-to videos from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.
  • I like to re-organize the family bookshelves to feature different kids books at least one Saturday each month. Of course, nothing encourages my kids to read like a perfect shelf, so I have to be ready for it to be destroyed.

Bookshelf with kids books and toys/

Outing Idea:

  • After organizing the shelf, there are always books we are ready to trade out. So a Little Free Library Walk is one of our favorite Saturday book loving activities.
  • Saturdays are a good day to stop by and pick up any books you’ve ordered from the library.
  • I miss adding to my book collection at thrift stores, antique shops and local bookstores.  Some of these have re-opened for in store shopping. It is probably still best to limit companions on these trips.  You can order online and pick up your books.

Read Aloud:

Dinner Ideas:

Dinner Conversation Starter: Have a book club night! Here’s the truth about me. I don’t go to book club meetings because I’m a booklover. I can do that by myself. I go to book club meetings for the food and conversation.

Make it a simple finger food night — Veggies and dip, tiny sandwiches, roll-ups, sushi…, whatever your family likes.  Then spend the dinner hour talking about your favorite books.

If your family loves this and wants to make it a regular thing. Growing Book by Book website has done the work for us, selecting books, activities and menus for a monthly family book club.

Learn More:

About National Book Lovers Day on the First Saturday of November:

Bonus November 7 Holidays:

  • Illuminate Northfield Day – another holiday that I kind of made up. On this day in 1889 – Northfield installed 67 electric streetlights.
  • National Bison Day – Learn about Bison together today and plan a trip to Pond Dakota Mission Park later this month for King of the Prairie Day on November 29th.

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