November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

Family around a table with pumpkin pie. "November 30 Days of Family Celebrations"

Monday, November 23, 2020
National Family Week

Whatever you do today, spend some time together and keep it easy. We’ve got a big week coming up and then we’ll be in full on Holiday season.

At Home Family Fun:

Pick one of these 75 Fun Indoor Games to play together.

Outing Idea:

Pick anything from our Family Fun Calendar and do it together.

Consider planning a family photograph.  DIY if you want to include it in Christmas Cards or maybe its time to have a professional photo done. Gianna has created a list of local photographers.

Family Photographers

Read Aloud:

Today should be your family’s favorite book – whatever it might be.

Dinner Ideas

It doesn’t matter what you serve, but spend this time together today.

Learn More:

National Family Week.

Find 30 Days of November Family Holidays on the corresponding pages

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