November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

Family around a table with pumpkin pie. "November 30 Days of Family Celebrations"

Friday, November 20, 2020
National Pay Back Your Parents Day

This was meant to be a good kind of payback, but we can have some fun with it.

At Home Family Fun:

Switch rolls in fun ways today.  Do mom and dad usually cook?  Let the kids cook.  Do mom and dad usually limit kids’ screen-time. Kids get to limit parents’ screen time today.  If dad makes really bad dad jokes, kids get to do it today.  Who usually controls the remote? Change it up today. What other fun ways can kids “payback” their parents?

Outing Idea:

We’ve been keeping our kids alive all their lives. Now its time for them to learn some life-saving skills of building a fire, a shelter and wilderness safety, in the Family Survival Program at Murphy Hanerehan Park. Ages 6+. $10/pp. 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Reservations Required.

Read Aloud:

Read Aloud Wednesday

Dinner Ideas

It’s kids cook night! Let them pick something they can make from beginning to end, while the parents just poke their head in every few minutes to say. “I’m hungry, when is dinner.”
Dinner Conversation Starter: Read this quote from Lois McMaster Bujold: “You don’t pay back your parents. You can’t. The debt you owe them gets collected by your children, who hand it down in turn. It’s a sort of entailment.”  What do you think that means and what do you think of that idea. Find the longer quote on GoodReads.

Learn More:

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