November Family Holidays: 30 Days of Fun Celebrations

Family around a table with pumpkin pie. "November 30 Days of Family Celebrations"

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

National Hiking Day

At Home Family Fun:

If you are the hibernating kind of family, you could prepare for the spring with these 7 Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids for Easier Hiking from Get Out With Kids.

Outing Idea:

If you embrace Minnesota winters, Three Rivers Park System recommends the follow parks for winter hiking:

All of these parks rent snowshoes should you need them.


girl with snowshoes
If there is too much snow to hike, than borrow snow shoes

If you are looking for a like-minded community, sign up with the Hike It Baby: Twin Cities Branch.

Read Aloud:

Dinner Ideas

Start testing out backpacking meals now and you’ll know which ones you want to pack next summer when you start camping.
Dinner Conversation Starter: If you could go hiking anywhere, where would you want to go?

Learn More:

About Hiking from the American Hiking Society.

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