A Slice of the North Twin Cities Apple Orchards

There is not as much to choose from for North Twin Cities Apple Orchards. On the North side of the Twin Cities – We offer you Victoria Valley Orchard.

Victoria Valley Orchard

North Twin Cities Apple OrchardsLocated just north of 694 in Shoreview on Victoria Ave.  is a happy little orchard called Victoria Valley Orchard.  It’s tucked away in a wooded section of the street and unless you are looking for it, you may miss it.

However, missing it could be difficult with all the big signs posted on the other streets around town.

Victoria Valley Orchard has rows and rows of trees lining the property.  While there isn’t a lot of activity on this orchard, the gift shop is adorable and you are welcome to walk through the orchard. But don’t pick anything.

North Twin Cities Apple Orchards

apple tasting station

North Twin Cities Apple Orchards

In the gift shop, they had apples available for the kids to try.

This was the closest Princess Pea could get to picking an apple since they do not have U Pick apples.

At the top of the hill, we were happily surprised by a troop of wild turkeys strolling around the orchard.

It was fun to be so close to nature in the middle of the suburbs!

What I thought

  • I liked all the different varieties of apples you could choose from.  19 different varieties!
  • 1/2 a peck of Macintosh apples was $8, so they were a reasonable price.
  • It was disappointing to my children that we couldn’t pick our own apples.  Honestly, I was kind of glad, but it was heartbreaking for them.
  • The giftshop/apple store takes only cash or  check.  No credit.  This was slightly a bummer since I only had a little bit of cash and wasn’t expecting to have to use it.
  • You go to Victoria Valley Orchard for orchard-fresh apples.  It’s not a place where you go to spend the day.  You are welcome to take your time, but if we hadn’t seen the turkeys, we could have been in and out of there in 10 minutes.

Victoria Valley Orchard is open 7 days a week 9:00 am-6:00 pm

4304 North Victoria Street
Shoreview, MN  55126

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