Night Trains Ticket Giveaway

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Congratulations to Cheryl Grider for winning the Night Trains Giveaway!!! 
Look for an email from me!


An annual (somewhat holiday-esque) tradition, Night Trains is amazing.  If you have a train lover in your family, you will not want to miss this!

Even if train lovers are not in your family, Night Trains will take your breath away.  Night Trains runs until the last Saturday in February. 

Throughout January , there will be special visitors as well. 

  • Bill Schrankler, author of the book “Shadows of Time” will be with us at Night Trains on December 13th, January 3rd and 17th for a book signing.
  • John Cartwright (Depot Artist) will make appearances every weekend in January including regular and Night Trains hours with prints for sale!
  • John Diers, author of the book “St. Paul Union Depot” will be here for Night Trains on January 24th for a book signing.

Admission:$10.00 for Individuals, Family and Group Rates available

And guess what! 

The Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum has provided us 2 tickets to Night Trains for a GIVEAWAY. 

They are providing two round trip passes.  If you want to bring your littlest ones, please know that children 4 and under are always free! 

night-trainsWanna enter?

Here’s how! 

Giveaway is open until Friday at 1:00 p.m.
We will choose a winner and email you with the details.  
Leave a comment about a childhood memory/love that you want to share with your children. 

Thanks for entering!  

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  • I loved getting my annual ornament from my grandmother- something that reflected our last year. I still have all mine on the tree. Happy to start that with our son.

  • My favorite childhood memory growing up on a farm was having dinner together every night & bringing meals out to the fields during harvest season. We get our kids to the farm any chance we can.

  • My favorite memory was falling asleep listening to the carpenters Christmas album. My girls are now enjoying that album. 🙂

  • The smell of baking for Christmas. In my tradition (I’m born and raised in Romania) there is a certain sweet bread that we bake for holidays but it takes more than half a day to make it so I wasn’t too eager to learn how to do it on my own. The house smells divine when baking it and I didn’t want to take this away from my kids . I wanted them to associate the happy Christmas feeling with this divine smell so now I spend half a day baking and I love it.

  • One of my favorite holiday memories is the Holidazzle parade!! So sad it is gone now. Looking for a new tradition to do with the kids…

  • My favorite memory is of Santa visiting us at my grandma’s house every Christmas Eve. He still does, it’s a forty year old tradition 🙂

  • My favorite childhood holiday memories always revolve around my dad’s crazy wrapping jobs. He would wrap cash in toilet paper rolls, stick gift cards in shoeboxes and wrap the empty shoebox, and give wooden letters as individual gifts until they spelled something (one year it spelled Hawaii – can you imagine our excitement?). He, and my mom, go out of their way to ensure we had a great childhood holiday, and now they do the same with my kids. <3

  • It was in the middle of war of 1992s in Europe and i wrote a letter to Santa wanting to get a big dolly. When Santa finally arrived i received a little doll with a letter. Letter stated as translated ” dear Ana i am sorry but the factory that made your dolls was bombed and this was the only one i was able to find, please forgive me and enjoy playing with this dolly till next year when i will get you one you really want”. It was written in my dad’s handwriting. I just couldn’t be angry with my Santa after that and it was my favorite doll forever 🙂

  • I love spending time with my three children. My youngest who is only 2 loves trains and can spend hours with a Thomas the train toy. My heart melts when his eyes light up at the sight of Thomas and Friends or when he plays ‘Choo Choo’ with the other kids.

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