Mother’s Day Bonsai Exhibit at Como Zoo

This article has been hanging out here since 2014 as a Mother’s Day hint to my family, who obviously don’t read my articles, but a mom can keep trying. I love Bonsai Trees. Back in my kid-free days when I still had a green thumb, I really wanted one, but they were at their peak of popularity and I couldn’t afford one. Now I just can’t keep anything that doesn’t cry or bark alive. In 2013, my husband and kids took me to the Mother’s Day Bonsai Exhibit at Como Zoo. That was one of my favorite family days and the trees being showcased are remarkable examples of the skill and patience real bonsai masters need.

Mother's Day Bonsai Exhibit at Como Zoo

The nice thing about this exhibit is that it’s at Como Zoo. Once the kids start getting squirmy, you can explore the animals together, have a picnic lunch if weather cooperates, and even hit the playground equipment. Oh, and the Zoo Mobile starts running just in time for Mother’s Day. So you can park and ride and make your kids even happier.

Mother's Day Bonsai Exhibit at Como Zoo
Save the Hassle AND Make the Kids Happy — Park and Ride.

If, after your visit you have some interest in trying your hand at the art of Bonsai, The Minnesota Bonsai Society offers classes for beginners and beyond. In the years since I wrote this, my kids and I have begun dabbling in fairy gardens which pair beautifully with the art of bonsai. Fairy garden classes also tend to pop up in the spring at garden centers.

Mother’s Day Gift of a Bonsai

So you took mom to the zoo for Mother’s Day and she loved it. Why not surprise her with her own bonsai. The are pretty easy to find, Como usually carries a starter kit in its Garden Safari Gift Shop and I often see them at Home Depot. You can even order one through our Amazon affiliate link. As always, Family Fun Twin Cities receives a small commission on sales through our links.

Mother's Day Bonsai Exhibit at Como Zoo
Amazon link.

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