Mostly Made Burrito Bowls – Recipe and Review

Mostly Made Burrito Bowls

Yesterday, I wrote about my experience as a non-cook making a Mostly-Made Skillet Pasta pack. For the second recipe, I asked my husband, who does like to cook, to review the Mostly Made Burrito Bowls recipe, which is made with the Enchilada Filling.

Christo’s Review of Mostly Made Burrito Bowls

I love cooking, so you might think that having something even partially pre-made would interfere with that cooking. It didn’t feel that way with Mostly Made. Unlike other freezer starters or ‘pan cook’ meals out there, this felt more like I had a prep cook working under my instruction. I just opened up the enchilada pack and placed it in my beloved cast iron pan and placed a cover on top. Of course, I had forgotten to actually include the enchilada sauce on the grocery list, but this is where a little magic comes from Mostly Made. They also included a recipe booklet and a few cards with alternative recipes. Improv is typically where I do best. However, I know that’s not everyone’s forte’, especially after a long day at work. Just another way Mostly Made stands out from the crowd of its contemporaries. 

I did have all the ingredients to make the Burrito Bowls. The recipe was easy to read and I was off. I included a few additions like avocado and cilantro, but mostly I stuck to the recipe. Timing worked out great. Once the filling was warmed up, the rice was finished, tortillas toasted up and everything was ready to assemble. It really was a nice jump start to a finished meal. Everything looked great and everybody was pleasantly surprised with the seasoning and all around flavor. And, no, this has had nothing in common with the salt bombs you typically think of from the freezer aisle. This tasted fresh with herbs and spices like I would have done.

Burrito Bowl Meal

One thing I appreciated was that the outer packaging went straight into the recycle bin. It was cardboard without a wax coating. We appreciate when a company keeps this kind of thing in mind. I think with the versatility, speed and overall taste, these packs could become a stock item in our freezer. They could be planned, or wait around as a delicious safety net saving us from $60 of delivered pizza…..again.

Burrito Bowl Sides

Like yesterday’s recipe, I ended up with leftovers for my lunch after this meal. Because we have six people to feed and I tend to over eat on Mexican nights, we have been working on adding healthy sides to these nights. We have been adding a salad, creamed corn, refried beans and Spanish rice. This meal had rice and corn as part of the main entree, so we tossed a salad and added refried beans on the side. To make it a little more appetizing, I recently found this recipe for restaurant style refried beans from a can. (Spoiler, they added sour cream to the canned beans).

Mostly Made Burrito Bowl Recipe

This recipe requires a package of Mostly Made Enchilada Filling. It is available at these local grocery stores and by mail order. I know Christo said he stuck to the recipe, but he made a recipe for individual burrito bowls into a family-style meal. Find the original recipe here for directions for making the individual bowl.

Mostly Made Burrito Bowls

The original recipe makes individual burrito bowls. We chose to make a family-style pie and scoop it onto tortillas on our plates.

  • 1 package Mostly Made Enchilada Filling
  • 5 cups cooked brown rice or quinoa (We used the rice, but quinoa would be delicious)
  • 2 cups cheddar or Monteray jack cheese (We just use a bag of Mexican style shredded cheese)
  • 10 oz frozen corn

Toppings: Shredded Lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado and sour cream. We added fresh cilantro.

  1. Follow package directions to cook brown rice and heat frozen corn

  2. On stove, remove bag and heat Mostly Made Enchilada Filling over low heat until hot and bubbly. They also offer microwave directions on the original recipe.

  3. Assemble the burrito bowl. Layer cooked brown rice, Enchilada Filling, cheese and corn. Top with your favorite fresh toppings. If you are doing individual bowls, see the original recipe for serving amounts.


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