Minneapolis Art Weekend – Metro Transit Art Pass

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The last couple years I’ve written and updated a series of articles about doing the Art Fair Circuit with kids.  If you are an old hand at getting to the various art fairs, you can move on to my individual posts on each fair.  Keep in mind that Free First Saturday at the Walker was last week this year, but there is still enough to do to cover a full weekend.

To read all the articles in this series, click the squares below.

Loring Park Art Festival


Powderhorn Art Fair


This weekend is one of my favorite weekends — Minneapolis Art Weekend.  I’m going to write about each of the art destinations individually this year, but today, let’s start with getting there.  You can download your free Art Pass here.  It’s the perfect solution.  Kids love the bus and its free.

It might be nice to do three shorter trips and hit Uptown on Friday, Walker and Loring Park on Saturday, and Powderhorn on Sunday.  If you do choose to do Uptown on Friday, you will need to pay for your pass, but fares are reasonable if you travel between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Children 5 and under are free; 6-12 are 75 cents and you can ride for $1.75.

If you plan to power through everything in one day, make sure you pack a good bag.  Depending on the age of your kids, I found several good day-trip packing lists online. I think the essentials, no matter what the age are:

Our Day-Trip Backpack

Our Day-Trip Backpack

  • Snacks
  • Picnic lunch (or a meal plan)
  • Appropriate clothing (diapers, sweaters, hats, rain ponchos?)
  • Baby wipes and hand sanitizer for quick clean ups
  • Camera (we always seem to forget this)
  • Charged cell phones (charged being the key word)
  • Lovey, bottle, binky, bear … (whatever it is your child can’t live without when they get tired or overwhelmed)
  • Sunscreen  (I don’t personally use sunscreen, but most people do, so I included it on this list)
  • First Aid Kit (Good parents would probably do this. I might toss in some bandages because they don’t weigh much)

Strollers are allowed on the bus, but they have to be folded while you ride. We sometimes find it easier to bring two umbrella strollers, but plenty of people ride with double strollers. They fit folded under the front side-facing seats pretty well.

Metro Transit offered these great links for planning your trips.

Loring Park Art FestivalLoring Park
Art Festival

Aug. 8 & 9> Plan your tripmap of Loring
Uptown Art FairUptown
Art Fair

Aug. 8 & 9> Plan your tripuptown map
Powderhorn Art FairPowderhorn
Art Fair

Aug. 8 & 9> Plan your tripPowderhorn Art Fair map

P.S.:   I found a coloring book online to get the kids excited about riding the bus and maybe talk a little about safety.  You can download it here.

To read my other articles in this series, click on the links below.

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