Meet the Original Twin Cities Black Santa & Mrs. Claus

Robert and Wanda Austin pose as the Twin Cities Black Santa and Mrs. Claus

Meet Robert and Wanda Austin, the Twin Cities Black Santa and Mrs. Claus. Each Holiday season, the couple don their red suits and Santa’s white beard to bring the spirit of Christmas to local girls and boys at special events around the metro area.

Most Black Santa events are free and open to the public, with weekday, Saturday, and Sunday options — both indoors and outside. Bring a camera so you can add photos to your Christmas Cards.

About Robert & Wanda Austin

When not doing the Santa gig, Wanda is a preschool teacher and Robert is a retired welder and machinist. Robert is originally from Selma, Alabama, and Wanda moved here from Omaha, Nebraska. Both moved to Minneapolis separately on the urging of their families and met at church — the Shiloh International Temple in Minneapolis. The rest is history.

Now known as Nana and Poppy to almost everyone, the Austins have been married for 30 years and have 5 children and 9 grandchildren — all  live close except for their oldest daughter who lives in Georgia.

Even though he is from Alabama, Robert loves Minnesota’s cold weather. With our without the red suit, he really is Santa at heart.

The couple started by volunteering at their church as secret Santa and Mrs. Claus for those kids and families who were in hard times. Four years ago, they started working with Strong Roots Foundation. Since then, they have appeared at North Market in Minneapolis and the YMCA.

One of their favorite shops to work is The Dancing Bear in North Minneapolis. Wanda tells us they have the best hot chocolate.  Last year, Dancing Bear Chocolate even had a mailbox where kids could drop off a letter for Santa.

Find Black Santa Events

Look for Mr. & Mrs. Claus throughout December at special events. Events are posted on the Twin Cities Black Santa & Mrs. Claus Facebook page in November or early December (and we’ll add them to our own calendar and lists where appropriate).

Santa & Mrs Claus. For Booking Inquiries Contact Phone: 612.735.5998; Email:

If you would like to hire the Black Santas (or is it Clauses?), the are willing to go anywhere in Minnesota. Consider hiring them for parades, community events, day care or school visits. Reach out to them through email or phone. Contact information can also be found on their Facebook social media page.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Original Twin Cities Black Santa & Mrs. Claus”

  1. Hi, I absolutely love what you do!!! I also do what I can to help people in my neighborhood!!! We live in South Mpls
    My daughter has autism and really wanted to see the black Santa at MOA!!! The one and only black Santa out of about 4 other Santa’s available to see at MOA !!! I didn’t know that not only did I have to book in advance, but had to buy such an expensive package!!! It’s crazy!!! She chose a black Santa, because he looks like her daddy and you just don’t see black Santa’s!!! I think that we need more black Santa’s for our children who need to identify with their Santa!!! I was so disgusted that you have to reserve a Santa and pay online! What about all of the parents that can’t afford that and go to MOA just to find out that their child can’t see Santa because they didn’t book online, or they couldn’t afford it!!! I could have booked it, but was so disgusted because so many kids will go there expecting to see Santa and will have their dreams crushed!!! So sad!!! You are doing such an amazing job!!! I’m just wondering if you could please make a visit to my daughter. I would pay you for the visit. It would be so worth it for me and my daughter!!! Thanks, Lisa! Please call or text me!!! My daughter and I hope to see you!!! Merry Xmas!!!🌲

    1. Hi Lisa:

      I’ve removed your personal contact information from your comment. We don’t have a direct relationship with the Austins other than the interview we did with them. If you scroll down in this article, you’ll see a link to their Facebook page. That is the best way to contact them. Another option for visiting with Black Santa for free is to watch for Santa Reg at Midtown Global Market, 920 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407. You do not need to buy a photo package. He will be there for the last time this year, tonight (Dec 16, 2022).

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