May is Minnesota Museum Month

Did you know that May is Minnesota Museum Month?

Minnesota Museum MonthI have just finished making a huge list of museums that Anne, Joy, and I should review for you over the coming years.

I say years because even if we each visited one a month, it would be years before the task was completed and by the time we would just about be finished, there would be new museums to discover.

And I think that’s fantastic because that means in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs, there is so much culture we will never stop learning.  And growing. And appreciating who we are and what we have.

May 2018 update: It has been several years since this article was published and we have continued exploring as promised. Check out our Museums & Historic Sites page to get the most recent information on all of these museums and more.

Minnesota Museum MonthIf we enjoy taking our family to art museums like the Walker Art Center or a local gallery, there are over 100 art exhibits to explore.  You may enjoy history–like I do–and want to peruse through the history museums spread across the whole metro like the Firefighters Hall & Museum or the Jackson Street Roundhouse.  In my family, I have some science and animal lovers,  so it would be fun to go to the zoos and nature centers, not to mention the handful of science museums like the Science Museum of Minnesota or The Bakken Museum or Bell Museum of Natural History.

Being outside is exciting in this amazing spring weather that has finally settled in (I hope).  Museums aren’t necessarily about being stuffed inside.    There are outdoor museum-type experiences like Silverwood Park‘s outdoor art or Franconia’s Sculpture Park and Caponi Art Park.  At the Bakken, there is an outdoor exhibit perfect to explore.

I challenge you to make it a point to get to one museum this month to celebrate Minnesota Museum Month!

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