Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supply, Monster Bash Sponsor

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Lynn’s Cake & Candy Supplies has been open for over 30 years. When the current owner, Lynn, acquired the business, she ran it from inside her home. Holding business hours in your home can be difficult, and soon it was time to move. The store has been in 4 different locations since the decision to move. Currently, Lynn’s is located at the corner of University Avenue and Mississippi in Fridley, Minnesota. It’s approximately a mile and a half north of 694.



We are so thrilled to have this one of a kind business support our Monster Bash. Let me show you what Lynn’s offers. It’s my favorite birthday party go-to store.


6538 University Ave NE
Fridley, MN 55432

New hours effective January 1, 2016
Tuesday – Thursday 10:00 – 7:00

Friday 10:00 – 6:00
Saturday – 10:00 – 3:00
Closed Sunday and Monday

An entire way wall and then some of specialty cake pans. Each cake pan comes with baking and decorating instructions. They have spiderman, strawberry shortcake, dinosaurs, bears, ponies, dogs, cars, trains, dolls, boats, batman, butterflies, flowers, the list goes on and on. Pretty much any cake pan you are looking for, they have. You rent the pans for $3 per day. But can I tell you a trick? If you rent it on Sunday, you get to keep it until Tuesday for the price of a one day rental. Bonus!

Lynn’s has cake boards and the papers to cover them.

A huge assortment of Wedding Cake toppers.



Various cake accessories: figurines and large toys to place on the top.
Cupcake and Muffin papers: Simply brightly colored to flowers.

Frosting and decorating gel. Kinds that are good for cakes and kinds that are good for cookies.

Colored Pastes. Let me tell you one thing about these colored pastes. They are not like supermarket food coloring. These pastes are so vibrant that it takes a millimeter of gel to color an entire container of frosting. These coloring pastes will last you a very very long time.



Can we say sprinkles?

Cake filling and more and more frosting. In case you were afraid you were going to run out. You need this much to dirty ice your cake. What? You’ve never heard the term dirty ice? This is my favorite phrase that I learned from TLC’s Cake Boss.
Dirty Ice--the first layer of frosting your spread on your cake. It makes it possible to decorate your cake without crumbs ruining the whole effect.

Sugar flowers for the top of a wedding cakes.

Flavoring, flavoring, flavoring.

  • Cookie cutters. Geometric shapes, Christmas shapes, Easter shapes, animals, etc. My purchase? A Square. The perfect square.
  • Disposable storage and transporting materials.
  • Wedding Cake pedestals.
  • Candy molds. My sister-in-law picked up some teapot mint shapes.

  • Discontinued items that are popular. Lynn told me that she has these different type of cake pans because some people are looking for them. They get these from different buy-out opportunities. I appreciate Lynn’s attention to the small details. She’s not necessarily doing this for the big bucks. She is willing to have items sit on her shelf because she knows one day, someone will want it. So she keeps it for that unknown someone.



Lynn’s offers many different classes from cake decorating to candy making. They offer prescheduled classes and private classes.

Computer imaging is also available with the help from staff


This is just a brief glance of Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supplies. I know I have missed some very vital assets, but if you need anything for your cake making project, this is seriously the place to come.

Lynn’s does not offer cake ordering, but many of the staff are private bakers who would love to help you if that is more your style.

Me? I like to try to do it on my own.
Let me show you how Lynn has helped me!

1. My first purchase ever from Lynn’s was cupcake papers for firstborn’s 1st birthday.

2. Then, cupcake papers for my second-born’s first birthday.

3. Then, cupcake papers and decorations for my oldest son’s first birthday.

Do you see where this is going?

Until one day, I tried her fancy cake pans.

1. Police Car

2. Strawberry Shortcake–Albeit a sickly SSC, but that’s not the pan’s fault.

Lynn’s Highlights:

  1. The store is laid out spaciously.
  2. The available supplies seem unlimited.
  3. The staff is incredibly helpful! They are friendly and have an amazing knowledge.
  4. Most of their inventory is kid-friendly. The things at the bottom of the shelves are mostly fine for young hands. And no one panics when children enter the store.


I love Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supplies because for any amateur cake baker, this is the best starting point. For any professional cake baker, this is the best place to get absolutely any item that you will need: vintage or modern.
We are so thankful to have Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supply as a sponsor for the Monster Bash!

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