June Family Holidays: 30 Days of Celebrations in the Twin Cities

It is so easy to be together as a family in June. We can usually linger on our deck without being too cold or too bug bitten. Schoolwork is done and we can concentrate on play, outdoor food and good books. Still, it is fun to have a reason to celebrate, so we’ve come up with June Family Holidays for each day of of the month. Don’t feel like you need to commit to 30 days of celebrations. Pick your favorites. Move them to the closest weekend if you want, add or subtract ideas to fit your own family. However you use this list, we hope you are inspired to add some fun family memories!

Note: We’ve tried to pick books you can find on Kindle or can watch on YouTube, but many of these books are also shelf-worthy choices.


June 1st – Say Something Nice Day

At home family fun: This would be a perfect day to write thank you notes to teachers. School is almost out for the year and they have worked so hard for our kids.
Read aloud: While this holiday was apparently named for the adult book, Say Something Nice, Be A Lifter, you may prefer a picture book about being nice. I love Raggedy Ann stories for this. No matter what the behavior of those around her, Raggedy Ann could always find something nice to say. Find them Free on Kindle.
Outing idea: Fly a kite. Why? Because one of my favorite Raggedy Anne stories is the chapter about the kite.
Meal idea: It doesn’t matter what you make for dinner, but everyone should say something nice about the meal tonight, especially if the person making your dinner is sitting with you.
Dinner conversation starter: Can you go around the table and say something nice to everyone? I can see this breaking down into backhanded compliments with siblings, so gentle parental guidance back to the spirit of the game may be necessary, but being silly and giggly isn’t bad.
Learn more: about Say Something Nice Day.

June 2nd – National Rocky Road Day

Outing idea: While I’m guessing this is a day to celebrate the ice cream flavor, it could be an excuse to go for a rock hunt on your walk today. If you can find a particularly rocky road you’ll have a bigger haul at the end of your journey. 
Read aloud: Rhoda’s Rock Hunt by local favorite Molly Beth Griffin.
At home family fun: Like Rhoda, you can take the rock’s you’ve collected and stack them in cool designs. Unlike Rhoda, I like to glue my rock stacks together so they’ll last.
Meal idea: It also happens to be National Rotisserie Chicken Day (created by Boston Market). Make or take-out Rotisserie Chicken. If its nice, eat outside picnic-style and follow up with a dish of Rocky Road Ice Cream, of course.
Dinner conversation starter: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Is it Rocky Road or something else?

Learn more: About Rocky Road Ice Cream Here.


June 3rd – World Bicycle Day & National Egg Day

At home family fun: Spend a morning tuning up your bicycles together. If they are good to go just turn over your bikes and throw grass at the wheels while they spin. I have no idea why this game occupied so much of my childhood, but it did.
Outing idea: Go for a family bike ride. If you need some local suggestions, we have mapped out some routes we think are the BEST BIKE TRAILS FOR FAMILIES IN MINNEAPOLS and BIKE TRAILS IN ST PAUL.

Read aloud: Curious George Rides a Bike by H.A. Rey
Meal idea: Make a quiche to be ready to eat when you return from your bike ride or pick one of these egg meals suggested by Bicycling Magazine.
Dinner conversation starter: Where should we go for our next bike ride?
Learn more: Learn more about World Bicycle Day and National Egg Day.

June 4th – Old Maid’s Day

At home family fun: I only picked this day so we could play the card game Old Maid. Find the rules to play Old Maid here.
Outing idea: I love Eloise Butler, who would have been defined as an “old maid” in her day. Instead of marrying and having kids, she studied and taught botany, fought to protect native wildflowers, and became the first curator of what we now call the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Theodore Wirth Park. Visit Theodore Wirth Park and the gardens to explore the park she worked so hard to preserve.
Read aloud: Today would be a good day to read some poetry by Emily Dickinson. Better yet, see if its really true that you can sing ALL her poems to the tune of Gilligan’s Island! Don’t have any Dickinson poetry books? Get one for free to your Kindle.

Meal idea: Did you know that the unpopped kernels at the bottom of your bowl are called “old maids”. Share a bowl of popcorn today to celebrate!
Learn more: About The History of Old Maid’s Day here. Learn more about Eloise Butler here.

First Friday in June – National Donut Day

At home family fun: Let everyone decorate their own donut with this printable coloring page.
Outing idea: Order donuts from your favorite local shop, grab a picnic blanket, and then have a donut picnic at your favorite park. Find our list of the BEST TWIN CITIES DONUT SHOPS to start picking your menu. And keep in mind, some might be offering FREE donuts today!
Read aloud: Who Needs Donuts? by Mark Alan Stamaty – Long before ‘here’s Waldo, there was this book!

Meal idea: Last year, Shelagh at SheCooksDesign shared a recipe for Cake Donuts with us. Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you. They are mostly pantry items.
Dinner conversation starter: If you got to the bakery and they are out of your favorite donut, what is your second choice? Which donut is your least favorite?
Learn more: About Celebrate National Doughnut Day.

Donut Coloring Page - June Family Holidays: 30 Days of Celebrations
Click Here for A Printable PDF

June 6th – National Yo-Yo Day

At home family fun: Yes, playing with yo-yos would be the obvious family fun, but did you know you can make your own yo-yo? Find DIY yo-yo instructions here.
Outing idea: Plan an outing to watch Dazzling Dave the Yo-Yo Master at an upcoming performance. He also offers private lessons. Who knew you could take yo-yo lessons?

Read aloud: Phineas and Ferb: Showdown at the Yo-Yo Corral. If you are a Prime member, you can borrow this for FREE.
Meal idea: I know we just celebrated National Donut Donut Day a few days ago, but it feels like breakfast should include some YoYo Donuts.
Dinner conversation starter: Yo-Yo is a fun word to say. What is your favorite word to say?

Learn more: About Yo-Yo History Here.


June 7th – National Frozen Yogurt Day (First Sunday of June) & National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (So if you don’t like Fro Yo replace it with chocolate ice cream)

At home family fun: Last week was all about yo-yos. Now it is Fro-Yos! Why not make your own frozen yogurt? There are plenty of recipes online, but this recipe doesn’t require any special equipment or ingredients and it uses strawberries, which are in season right now. If you want to go the chocolate ice cream direction, I have made this 2-ingredient chocolate ice cream recipe. It is super easy and yummy.
Outing idea: If you would rather order for pick up try one of these local favorites: 
FFTC’s Guide to the Best Frozen Yogurt in the Twin Cities and FFTC’s Guide to the Best Ice Cream Shops in the Twin Cities
Read aloud: If they liked making frozen yogurt, you could read about and consider making yogurt from scratch together, get Homemade Yogurt: The Complete Guide to Making Natural Yogurts From Your Kitchen for your Kindle for 99 cents.
Meal idea: Eat your homemade frozen yogurt or ice cream for dessert.
Learn more: A Brief History of Frozen Yogurt  & The Origins of Chocolate Ice Cream.June Family Holidays: 30 Days of Celebrations

Bonus holiday: June 7th is the Birthday of Prince. Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka? Or maybe just hit the swim pond at Lake Minnetonka Regional Park.

June 8th – World Ocean’s Day

At home family fun: Go Explore Nature Website offers these 6 Things Kids Can Do to Help Our Oceans.
Outing idea: In Minnesota, we are so removed from oceans, that we may forget that the Mississippi runs to the Gulf of Mexico, so while we can’t necessarily do #3, we can combine it with #2. Take a neighborhood walk today to pick up trash. Want to make it a regular thing? Adopt A Drain.
Read aloud: Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier.
Meal idea: If you want to make it a seafood night, the Environmental Defense Fund offers this list of the best options.
Dinner conversation starter: If you could make an invention to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Learn more: About World Ocean’s Day.

Debra Frasier grew up on the ocean in Florida. This book explores all the things you might find during a walk on the shore.

Bonus holiday: It is also National Best Friend’s Day. Start your tween on local author Erin Downing’s book, Best Friends…Until Someone Better Comes Along.

June 9th – Donald Duck Day

At Home Family Fun: 123Homeschool has rounded up 20 Activities to Celebrate Donald Duck Day – from crafts to LEGO creations to a game of Duck Duck Goose.
Outing Idea: Visit a lake or a pond where you know you can see ducks today. Three Rivers places wood duck boxes on lakes at nine parks, making your likelihood of seeing ducklings higher:

  1. French Regional Park
  2. Eagle Lake Regional Park
  3. Fish Lake Regional Park
  4. Baker Park Reserve
  5. Gale Woods Farm
  6. Carver Park Reserve
  7. Glen Lake Golf and Practice Center
  8. Hyland Lake Park Reserve
  9. Elm Creek Park Reserve.

Read Aloud: I used to love Donald Duck Comic Books. Now you can get them from Kindle for $1.99 a piece.
Meal Idea: Assuming you don’t have a gluten intolerance, make something with mock duck (aka seitan) — like a simple stir fry.
Conversation Starter: Can you talk like Donald Duck?
Learn More: About The Evolution of a Duck at WaltDisney.Org.

Watching ducks at Salo Park in St. Anthony Village

June 10th – Maurice Sendak’s Birthday

At home family fun: Family TV Time: Really Rosie. My favorite Maurice Sendak books as a kid were The Nutshell Library books. I didn’t discover the Carol King song versions from Really Rosie until I was an adult.
Outing idea: Order your own copy of The Nutshell Library from Wild Rumpus and then visit the book store whose name was inspired by another Sendak favorite – Where The Wild Things Are.
Read aloud: Read your brand new copy of The Nutshell Library. These short story poems lend themselves well to acting out or puppet shows.
Meal idea: Chicken Soup with Rice.
Dinner conversation starter: Maurice Sendak taught himself to draw by imitating his favorite artists. Who would you like to draw like?

Learn more: About Maurice Sendak.

June 11th — National Corn on the Cob Day

Family fun: Create a simple corncob craft. You need a total of 5 supplies: two pieces of construction paper (different colors), a scissors for an adult, split peas, and white school glue.  You can find the instructions here.
Outing idea: It is way too early to visit a corn maze, but you can peruse our lists and start deciding where you might want to visit next.
Read aloud: This delightful rhyming storybook will have you giggling along with these ingenious squirrels: Bob and Rob and Corn on the Cob.
Meal idea: Our family doesn’t have the best track record of grilling corn on the cob, but maybe we will find a winner with this recipe for grilled corn.
Dinner conversation starter: Who knew there were so many corny jokes!

Learn more: About National Corn on the Cob Day.

Bonus holiday: Birthday of Richard Strauss. Strauss wrote a kid-friendly tone poem – Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks. This music was based on German folktales of the same name. You can find the stories on Amazon, but be careful to check the language. The free ones are all in German. Maestro Classsics offers a free curriculum guide to go with the music. You can also purchase the music and narration through Maestro.

Via Wikimedia Commons

June 12th: Superman Day

At home family fun: Grab your family, plop on the couch, and start a marathon of the Complete Animated Superman on Amazon Prime.
Outing idea: Call your closest comic shop and order some new Superman comic books to read during lazy summer days.

Read aloud: This could be a really cool read aloud of your older kids. Superman: Dawnbreaker is written by Matt de la Peña who won the 2016 Newberry Award for Last Stop on Market Street. I was having a hard time choosing which book to feature because there are so many Superman comic books, collections, and anthologies. But if you are looking for a comic book, you can support Magers and Quinn (Bookshop in Minneapolis) by purchasing The Little Book of Superman.
Dinner conversation starter: What is your secret super power?
Learn more:
about Superman Day.

June 13th – National Weed Your Garden Day

Family fun: I’ve discovered that weeding while listening to a family-friendly audio book is a great way to get my kids to help out. We’ve been working our way through Harry Potter, so that is what we’ve been listening to this spring. Use whatever book can hold your kids attention.
Outing idea: Many parks offer volunteer Buckthorn Pulls. It’s a way to help keep an invasive species under control without chemicals while getting outside for a walk.
Read aloud: I know you just listened to an audio book, but you can come inside and read Dandy by Ame Dyckman.
Dinner conversation starter: Is a dandelion a weed or a flower?
Learn more: About Weed Your Garden Day.

nature play
This cute picture book is about a daddy/daughter disagreement on the weed status of dandelions. Amazon affiliate link.


June 14th – Flag Day & Monkey Around Day

At home family fun: Check out the new Chico Bon Bon show, based on the books by Minnesota Author Chris Monroe, on Netflix and/or Put Out Your Flag Today!
Outing idea: Visit one of the Twin Cities Memorial Parks for Flag Day.
Read aloud: Share the original Monkey with a Tool Belt book with your kids and/or the Classic Landmark Betsy Ross and the Flag.
Meal idea: Banana splits for dessert!
Dinner conversation starter: Would you rather have a pet monkey or a hedgehog? Or is there something else you would want? I wanted a pet skunk when I was a kid.
Learn more: Learn More About Monkey Around Day and learn more about Flag Day.

June 15th – Celebrate Dairy Month

Outing idea: Did you know that Minnesota ranks 6th in the nation for dairy production? Visit a nearby creamery to get the freshest, most delicious dairy you can imagine. 

Read aloud: Grab a glass of milk with some cookies and snuggle up to read Kiss the Cow by local author Phyllis Root.
At home fun/recipe idea: Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream.
Dinner conversation starter: The Family Dinner Project has this idea for a game called “Cat and Cow“. However, it might make a better after dinner game, since there won’t be much eating going on once the game gets rolling.

Learn more: about Dairy Month.

June 16th – National Fudge Day (I hope you still have some milk left)

At home family fun: Make fudge together.
Outing idea: If you would rather buy your fudge, Andy, our junior reporter, has outlined his favorite candy shops in the Twin Cities.

Read aloud: Super Fudge by Judy Blume.
Meal idea: While I like the idea of fudge for dinner, maybe we can just hold it for dessert.
Dinner conversation starter: Besides fudge, what other kinds of candy would you like to learn to make?

Learn more: about the ultimate sweet treat that is fudge.

June 17th – Eat Your Vegetables Day

At home family fun: If you don’t have a backyard garden, maybe try your hand at kitchen scrap gardening today.
Outing idea: Visit (or a plan a visit) to a farmers market to choose your favorite veggies.
Read aloud: How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans by David LaRochelle.
Meal idea: DIY Buddha Bowls: Give each family member a bowl of black beans and rice. Pile a Platter with a variety of healthy vegetables and other toppings and let your family decide what they want to put in their own bowls.
Dinner conversation starter: What is your least favorite vegetable? How can we serve it so you don’t hate it? i.e. I’m not a huge fan of canned peas, but I’ll eat them mixed with mashed potatoes.

Learn more: About Eat Your Vegetables Day.

Read Aloud Wednesday

Bonus holiday: June 17th is Also Igor Stravinsky’s Birthday. This would be a great opportunity to listen to and learn more about his story work, The Soldier’s Tale

June 18th – International Picnic Day and National Go Fishing Day

Family fun: Who doesn’t love a game of Go Fish?
Outing idea: What a fun combination. Pack your tackle and pack your picnic basket for an evening of fishing together. 

Read aloudA Different Pond by local author Bao Phi.
Meal idea: 10 Places for the Perfect Picnic in Minneapolis
Dinner conversation starter: A fish tale is a big, but fun lie — one that makes something ordinary into an epic adventure. Let’s all tell fish tales as we eat our picnic.

Learn more: Fishing the Twin Cities: 10 Best Fishing Holes in the Twin Cities.

Moore Lake Park - June Family Holidays: 30 Days of Celebrations
Moore Lake Park in Fridley is one of the many Twin Cities Parks that offer both fishing and picnic areas.

June 19th – Juneteenth

At home family fun: Juneteenth is the celebration of the end of slavery in the U.S. While slavery was never legal in the State of Minnesota, it was a reality in the territory until the landmark Dred Scott decision. Learn more at the MNHS website.
Outing idea: Brooklyn Park is celebrating with a Juneteenth Festival today.

Read aloud: There are several books about the Dred Scott case for grade school and up kids. I, Dred Scott: A Fictional Slave Narrative Based on the Life and Legal Precedent of Dred Scott can even be added to Kindle. For younger kids, Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine. 
Meal Idea: Traditionally families barbecue and serve strawberry pop on Juneteenth.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Do you see injustice around you now? What can we do as a family to make a change? 

Learn More: About Juneteenth.

June 20th – Summer Solstice and Mid-Sommar Dag

At Home Family Fun: Bonfires are a traditional celebration of Summer Solstice. Depending on your municipality’s ordinances, this would be a fun night to make s’mores over an outdoor firepit or over the grill.
Outing Idea: ASI’s Midsommar Celebration – included with museum admission. (2020 note: ASI has decided to celebrate virtually this year.)
Read Aloud
: The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer.

Meal Idea: As long as you are roasting marshmallows, how about roast hot dogs, too. If you would rather celebrate Swedish style, serve a smörgåsbord tonight.
Dinner Conversation Starter: What should we add to our families Summer To Do List?
Learn More: While Summer Solstice is always June 20th or 21st based on the longest day of the year; Midsommardaggen is always on a Saturday and can land anywhere from June 20th-26th. It’s a fun coincidence when the longest day of the year falls on a Saturday.

Bonus June 20th Holiday: It’s Ugliest Dog Day. Celebrate by reading local author Debra Frasier’s book – SPIKE, Ugliest Dog in the Universe.


June 21st –  Father’s Day (It is also Make Music Day and World Music Day)

Family Fun: Put on Dad’s favorite music and form a family band (real or air). Get crazy and have fun or pick up the living room so dad can have a clean house for Father’s Day.
Read Aloud: Bob Dylan’s Forever Young Picture Book. Or search for Dad’s favorite band in Children’s Picture Books. You may just find the perfect gift. 
Meal Idea: Whatever Dad wants for dinner tonight.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Today is a good day to tell dad why we think he is the coolest dad on earth.

Learn More: Gianna polled our favorite dads to get a list of ideas of what they would like their Father’s Day to look like. Find their answers here.

father and son outside
Click here to find more Father’s Day Ideas

June 22nd – 65th Anniversary of Lady & The Tramp

Family Fun: Family Movie Night featuring Lady & The Tramp. I like the cartoon better, but pick your favorite. 
Read Aloud: Did you know that Walt Disney commissioned the book first and then based the movie on the book? While this might be a little long for a one-day read-aloud, it would be a sweet addition to a library (if it weren’t $399.00!), but the classic Golden book is still relatively easy to find. You can even get a Kindle version for $1.99.
Meal Idea: Spaghetti & Meatballs.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Which do you like better: Lady & The Tramp or 101 Dalmations? Why?

Learn More: About Lady & The Tramp at the official site. You can also print puzzles and coloring pages here.

June 23rd – National Pink Flamingo Day also Women in Engineering Day.

At Home Family Fun: Inspire your young engineer to Build a Pink Flamingo from LEGOs. Instructional Video. Learn more about Como Zoo’s pink flamingos.
Outing Idea: One summer, FFTC had a blast hosting a pink flamingo scavenger hunt for readers on our Instagram account. We spotted them as lawn decorations, on shirts and as giant beach toys. The flamingo pictured was lurking around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Where might you find a pink flamingo around town?

Read Aloud: Caldecott Honoree, Flora & The Flamingo by Molly Idle. While this is the type of wordless picture book you may want to ultimately add to your permanent collection, you can preview it, with music, on YouTube.
Meal Idea: Flamingos turn pink because of their diet of Brine Shrimp and Algae. Neither of those sound particularly appetizing, but Nori & Shrimp Fried Rice does sound yummy. Have cupcakes with pink frosting and pink flamingo toppers for dessert. Afterwards, you can clean off the picks and add them to your fairy’s garden.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Where would you put a pink flamingo in our own garden? Or wouldn’t you?
Learn More: about Pink Flamingo Day.

June 24th – Celebration of the Senses Day

At Home Family Fun: There are a lot of preschool games that celebrate the senses, but for everyone, try this “game” from the University of Rochester Medical Center: 5-4-3-2-1 Technique for Anxiety. Once you learn it, it can be used when you need a moment of calm.
Outing Idea: Visit the Sensory Garden at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Read Aloud: Use Bookflix to read That New Animal by Emily Jenkins and Let’s Explore the Five Senses With City Dog and Country Dog by Laine Falk .
Meal Idea: Serve a fruit and veggie platter with dinner tonight. Think colorful, crunchy, finger foods that smell and taste good.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Go around the table saying nice things with each of the five senses. 

Learn More: Celebration of the Senses Day.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

June 25th – National Catfish Day

At Home Family Fun: Let’s draw! If a cat and a fish had a baby, what would it look like?
Outing Idea: According to this article, catfish in Minnesota are found mainly south of the Coon Rapids Dam. This seems like a good day to visit Coon Rapids Regional Park and walk across the dam.

Read Aloud: Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue by Stephanie Paris (Slue-Foot Sue rode a catfish like a bronco)
Meal Idea: Kid-friendly catfish sticks.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Do you think catfish are magically on the south side of Coon Rapids Dam, but not the north? 

Learn More: Learn how and why President Ronald Reagan declared this a national day in 1987.

Fishing in Minnesota with Kids - Print a Poster

June 26th – National Coconut Day

At Home Family Fun: Because you probably don’t do it very often, buy a whole coconut and open it up together. Then use the coconut shell to make a craft. Then make some musical Clip Clops out of the Shells. Mom or dad will have to help with this project.
Outing Idea: Plan a visit to Como Zoo’s Coconut Palm Dome (once the zoo re-opens)
Read Aloud: Chica Chica Boom Boom.

Meal Idea: In the summer, I love it when my husband grills salmon with a coconut lime flavor and grilling bananas (instead of marshmallows) to make coconut banana s’mores.
Dinner Conversation Starter: I researching this day, I learned that there is a small but growing coconut farming community in Minnesota. Would you like to grow coconuts?

Learn More: About National Coconut Day.

June 27 – Global Smurfs Day! and National Ice Cream Cake Day.  

At Home Family Fun: Make your own Smurf Village. We’ve rounded up several fun ideas on Pinterest from fancy fairy gardens to paper crafts.
Outing Idea: Today would be a smurfy day to hit a local ice cream shop to buy an ice cream cake. Wouldn’t it be smurftastic if they would make one with Blue Moon Ice Cream!
Read Aloud: How about a Smurf Graphic Novel today.
Meal Idea: Serve Ice Cream Cake for Dessert Today! We also have some smurf ice cream and cupcake ideas on our Pinterest page maybe you can design your own smurfy ice cream cake.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Smurfs are named after their most prominent trait. What would your Smurf name be?
Learn More: About Global Smurf Day (always on the Saturday closest to 6/25); and National Ice Cream Cake Day.

Click here to find ideas for making your own Smurf Village


June 28th – Paul Bunyan Day

At Home Family Fun: Build with log blocks – if you have them (we found a Paul Bunyan brand on Amazon). If you don’t, build with twigs and glue.
Outing Idea: It would be fun to plan a Paul Bunyan Road Trip. Drive to the birth place of Paul Bunyon — Bemidji — to see the Giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statutes, with stop in Brainerd to stay at the campsite at Paul Bunyan Land.
Read Aloud: There are quite a few versions of Paul Bunyan to choose from. You can even get the 1919 version by Otis T. Howd for FREE on Kindle.
Meal Idea: Breakfast for Dinner! Serve a Lumberjack breakfast – pancakes, eggs, sausages, and whatever else you think will fill up your lumberjack clan.
Dinner Conversation Starter: Historians believe the legend of Paul Bunyan is based on a real person. If you could exaggerate a trait about yourself to create a tall tale, what would it be?
Learn More: About Paul Bunyan Day.

June 29th – International Mud Day

At Home Family Fun: Get muddy any way you want – work in a garden, make mud pies, go for a hike or a run on a muddy dirt path, just make some mud and play in it.
Outing Idea: Visit a nature playground, where playing in the mud is encouraged.
Read Aloud: Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch.
Meal Idea: Make a Mud Pie for dessert.
Dinner Conversation Starter: International Mud Day was started when a group of 7 and 8 year old children wanted to help children in Nepal to be able to play in the mud. They raised $1000 to buy these children new clothes so they could have a spare pair for play. I’ve never considered that playing in the mud is a luxury no everyone can afford. What are some other things we may take for granted?
Learn More: About International Mud Day.

Bonus June 29th Holiday: Celebrate the birthday of William James Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, on June 29, 1861. You can still visit the home where he was born in Le Sueur.

June 30th – National Meteor Watch Day

At Home Family Fun: Visit NASA’s Meteor page to learn more together.
Outing Idea: Make plans to find a park outside the city to watch the next meteor shower. We’ve done this at Carpenter Nature Center in the past.
Read AloudThe Little Prince. You can find this book for as little is 49¢ on Kindle, but I highly recommend the pop up book. It brings this delightful book alive.
Meal Idea: Have a meteor-shaped meal – meatballs, cherry tomatoes, rice balls? Land of Lakes has a recipe for Meteor Crisps – which are just ball-shaped rice cereal treats with candy coatings.
Dinner Conversation Starter: If you could make a wish on a shooting star, what would it be?
Learn More: About Meteor Watch Day. Older kids may want to read the book, The Day the Sky Split Apart: Investigating a Cosmic Mystery.

Source: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Published: August 12, 2016
In this 30 second exposure, a meteor streaks across the sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower Friday, August 12, 2016 in Spruce Knob, West Virginia.

It’s your turn! What are your favorite June Family Holidays? Leave us a comment with your favorite ways to celebrate in June.

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