January Heartfelt Crafts

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 For months I have been promising my children a trip to Heartfelt.  You know it’s been a long time since we’ve been there when even the boys say, “Mom, we need to go to Heartfelt.”

There are still 10 days of January to take advantage of these January crafts in the warm and inviting atmosphere of this cozy little shop.


Mermaid Curvy CompressedMermaids Clothespeg CompressedMERMAIDS: TWO WAYS

Make a pair of mythical mermaids using wool felt and yarn or wool hair. Two body styles are offered: a traditional clothes peg (suggested for younger children) or a curvy wooden peg (for older kids). Ages 5 and up; younger with grown-up help. $15.




Felted Marble Bag CompressedFELTED MARBLE BAG

Learn to wet felt with a resist while making a useful wool bag. Add a drawstring closure and your bag is ready to hold marbles or other small treasures. Ages 5 to adult; younger with grown-up help. $22.





Mountain Cabin Compressed(1)FAIRY CABIN

Create your own little fairy cabin using watercolor, bark, moss, twigs, pinecones, and more. Allow one to two hours. Ages 7 to adult; younger with grown-up help. $28.





Choose from the large selection of yarns, then wind and wind around a cardboard donut. This can take a while so feel free to use two sessions to complete a pompom. Ages 5 to adult; younger with grown-up help.$10.






Pick a pinecone from thestash and spread with sunflower butter, then sprinkle with bird seed and hang from a tree or bush with twine. Ages 2 ½ and up. $5.




Paint and assemble a trio of tops—watch them spin! Older children may use the wood burning tool for decoration. Ages 5 and up. $10.



Winter Gnomes CompressedWINTER GNOME

Color your gnomes with watercolor crayons, then stitch a hat from a piece of recycled sweater. A scarf around his neck will keep him warm all season long. Ages 4 to adult; younger with grown-up help. One large gnome $10. Add a second smaller friend for an additional $5.


from Heartfelt’s newsletter, images courtesy of Heartfelt, used with permission



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