Introducing My Kids to The Sound of Music

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Sound of Music

“Mom, What’s the Sound of Music?”

“Like the musical?”

“Yeah, no one in my class knew what it was, and Mr. G told us to ask our parents.”

This was the conversation that led me to the realization that I had never introduced my kids to the Sound of Music. Musical theater is just something we share in our household. I love Broadway and its often kid-friendly. But I’d forgotten the Sound of Music! It’s not like I shared it when they were too young and they had just forgotten it.  I never thought of it when I was making lists of family friendly musicals!

Of course, the first thing I did was go to the computer and order a copy from the library.  Over the next week, we re-watched it several times. Now its a household favorite and we are singing the songs constantly. We are so lucky to have this new obsession correspond with the Ordway’s production of The Sound of Music and even luckier that we were invited to media night on Sunday.

Gianna here.  Joy and I both wanted to go to this show and being the ever-gracious Joy that she is (because it’s hard to find someone more gracious than Joy), she let me go.  

Chris and I discussed who I would take.  Our oldest was out with a friend for the evening and the next two had had a difficult day and needed to stay home.  That left the 5 year old. 

Which happened to work out perfectly. He didn’t know anything about The Sound of Music.  In fact, he asked if it would be funny.  I didn’t know what to say except, “There’s a lot of kids in it and great music.  It’s going to be really fun.” 

That was good enough for him.  

We parked in the RiverCentre parking ramp and walked down the street to The Ordway where a doorman in a top hat and overcoat welcomed us. We handed our jackets into the Coat Check and went to find our seats. 

The first act is over an hour long, but it was full of so much music that Jack was engaged the whole time.  Well, he was engaged up to the point where he wanted to leave.  When the lights turned on, he stated, “We need to get something to drink and come back to our seats.”  

So that’s what we did.  

When the lights dimmed again, he was ready for the rest of the show. And he loved it.  It was a very late night. When we arrived home, Jack had been snoring hard for 20 minutes.  (Shhh, we let him sleep in a little bit, missing an hour of school, too). 


Participating with the rest of the audience during the Salzburg Festival scene singing Edelweiss.

The costumes and scenery were beautiful. 

Leisl’s first kiss.  Her jump for joy was absolutely adorable.  (Keep in mind that I think Leisl’s squeal in the movie is disturbing) 

The seven kids.  They were so talented and amazing. I couldn’t figure out how the boys sang and danced during the Clock Tower song.

They let you bring drinks into the performance hall now.  I had spent $2.50 on a bottle of water for my thirsty boy and he took two sips.  But I didn’t need to waste it because they allowed me to carry it in!


One of the 3rd Reich characters, I’m not sure who he was, bothered me.  He seemed very stiff, and maybe he was supposed to be that way.  But it was rote and forced. 

It wasn’t long enough.  (It was.  In fact we were gone for over 4 hours.)

This didn’t bother me, but it could possibly bother others.  Some of the songs in the musical are not in the same scenes as the movie.  Most of them are, but there are a few in different spots.  Keep that in mind.

My 5 year old had invested so much time that he did not want to leave during intermission.  I was extremely happy to stay. Even though I was completely prepared to leave if needed, I didn’t really want to go home early. Jack loved it.  And if a soccer-loving five year old could sit entranced for three hours of a love story set in Austria, you will probably find this a successful “grown up” play to bring your child to.

Now Back to JOY!

The music in The Sound of Music is so catchy that you don’t need to know it ahead to enjoy it, but I prefer to go in knowing the music — especially with kids.  If you have the time, I recommend watching the video beforehand.  I got it from the library without a wait.

This is a story that also deserves a little more research, which you can find on the internet with little effort. The Von Trapps are a fascinating family in real life and its fun to compare the stage story with the real story. Maria, who was raised atheist and converted as an adult, wrote a book about her life which is available on Amazon. It’s not her only book, though.  When her children started asking her questions about the childhood of Jesus, she didn’t always have the answers, so she researched it and wrote a book.  I stumbled across “When The King Was Carpenter” by Maria von Trapp at my church library, but a Kindle version is available on Amazon. (I have added affiliate links to both books and the movie below).

Oh, and if Mrs. G happens to read this article and is wondering why the kids are pushing for The Sound of Music as their school musical this year, you can blame your husband. He started this journey.

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see footer for disclosure info

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