How I Discovered Dash had Strep

How I Discovered Dash Had Strep Throat

Being that each of us has four (or almost four) kids, we have lots of stories to share.  Our reviews of different activities around town tend to be a bit humorous, we don’t often share our everyday adventures on Family Fun Twin Cities. But it’s super fun to do it when we can. So here’s another doctor-type story for you.  Why are all my good stories about the doctor? How I Discovered Dash had Strep Throat.

My best friend called me, “I can’t get a hold of Albert!  And Eowin work up with croup and I have an appointment and I want Albert to meet us there, but I called his phone, I texted him, I called his desk at work, I called his secretary at work and she transferred me, but I got the message that he is busy.”

Before she could go any further, I said, “Darcy, stop everything.  I will meet you there.  I just gotta get some supper in the oven.  I will be there as soon as I can.”

We got off the phone, and I went into crazy mode: boiling noodles, ordering my children to go to the bathroom and put their shoes on, insisting that my oldest bring along her homework, and picking my other daughter up from the neighbors. When I picked Tori up, I told her that we were going to help Darcy.  “What are we gonna do with her kids?’ (I don’t know why she needed to know this.  Darcy’s kids happen to be my kids’ best friends)


“Oh, okay,” and she got in the car.

We booked it to the clinic, all the while, Jack (my four year old) wailing that he wanted to watch Frozen.

“We are going to, Buddy.  We just gotta get there!”

We pulled into the parking lot as she was unloading her children.

I think I forgot to mention something crucial.  She has 5 kids.  Her oldest is almost 10 and her youngest is 2 months old.

After we pulled up, I hopped out of our van, leaving my car door open and said, “My kids are dying to watch Frozen.  Can we do it in your car?”  It was after she laughed and agreed that we could that I ran back to my car to turn it off and get my kids out.

Darcy was taken her youngest two with her into the clinic, so that left me with my four–ages 4,5, 7, and newly turned 9–and her oldest three–ages 4, 7, and 9.  This was just crazy!

Are you wondering how you fit seven children and a grown woman in a van to watch a movie?

First, let me say, it can be done.  However, you must know that YOU are not going to see the movie unless there is a screen in the dashboard.

Second, you stick the nine year olds in the trunk space and the seven year olds in the last row.

Then, you take the four year olds and squash them between the seven year olds.

And the remaining five year old you keep in front with you and tell him to play a game on your iPhone.

You listen to some whining and wailing and wait for one of the seven year olds to move to the front seat and find a good spot on the infant carrier’s base.

And then you ask someone to hit the play button because you aren’t sure where it is.

It was when the previews were done that Albert drove into the parking lot and everyone groaned, “Already?”  I hopped out and told him we were fine.  He left us to see what was happening with Eowin and Darcy and Helga (the baby).

I then sat in the front seat of their van listening to Frozen and picturing each scene in my mind for half the movie.

After 45 minutes, I saw Darcy and Albert come out of the clinic all smiles holding Eowin and baby Helga as if they only had 2 children.  I tried not to be antsy as they made their way to us, but it was difficult to keep still hearing, “Let it go, let it go, I am one with the wind and snow….”

Because the whole time I was singing in my head, “Wanna go, wanna go. I wanna be done with this show!”

How I Discovered Dash had Strep

Even though the movie was far from being finished, I took it out and loaded my children into our van.  That’s when Dash yelled out, “My throat hurts!”  He had thrown up in the middle of the night two nights in a row.  And suddenly it all came together.

I jumped out of the van and asked Darcy, “Do you think they have after hours care?  I think Dash has strep.”

She looked at me and said, “I’ll watch your kids if you want to go check.”

I loaded my kids back in her van and ran Dash into the clinic, only to learn that the doctor had just left!  BUMMER!

I went back to the van, unloaded my kids, reloaded them into our van, and finally drove away to a minute clinic close to our house.  We made it before they closed, and he tested positive for strep.

(names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty)

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