Growing A Volunteering Family

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The Twin Cities is full of opportunity for the whole family to participate together.  This month, we are partnering with some of our favorite bloggers and websites to get the word out.  We don’t have to wait for our kids to be older.  We can give back anytime and with children of any age.

Doing Good Together, a site that Jenny Friedman started in the Twin Cities, has grown throughout the United States because they want to provide volunteer opportunities for the whole family.  They understand that families can work together and volunteer together.  It may not look exactly like a group of adults, but DGT pairs opportunities and families where it is a good fit.

Big Hearted Families grew out of DGT with more of a focus on education.  It’s mission is to be a resource for parents to help them raise compassionate and caring children.  The website states, ” Our goal is to help your family discover ways great and small to do good deeds in your community and practice the art of kindness using the interests and talents that already bring you together.”  Whether it’s by volunteering or educating, BHF has the details and inspiration you need.

Simplicity in the Suburbs’ Samara Postuma–an amazing woman and mom–posted Evie’s Bags to share with us all.  It’s about her daughter’s campaign to help the homeless.  It is a touching story, and one I think any parent can relate to.  We may not feel like we have time to give to others, but when our children’s hearts and priorities yearn to help, we make it happen.  Thank you for telling us your story, Samara!  It’s lovely to watch a beautiful heart growing in a child.  Let’s help her Evie’s goal of passing out 100 bags of needed items to those in need this holiday season.

Twin Cities Frugal Mom’s Lisa Baker–another amazing woman and mom–posted 3 frugal ways to give back to the community.  I appreciate her post because we can all do this no matter what our resources look like.

Nicki from Minnemama Adventures–a super fun mom with lots of great ideas and enthusiasm (maybe that’s why we get along so well)–has a great We Can Give Back challenge special for December!  Check it out!

Even the simple act of shopping local or shopping at stores that support a cause that’s on your heart is a generous way to give back to your community or to those in need.  If you donate clothes to the Disabled Veterans or Friendship Ventures, you may think that it’s nothing, but every little thing matters.

Please leave a comment about a way your family has given back and you will be entered into a giveaway for a  local Christmas Fun Basket.  It includes tickets to the orchestra, a book or two by some local authors, and some much more.  

November is a special month for us at Family Fun Twin Cities.  It’s the time we spend highlighting ways we can give back to our community, to those we love and to those in need.

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