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Minneapolis MinnesotaI was a cloth diaper mama.  Loud and Proud, but let me tell you, I didn’t know what I was doing. I loved Peapods, but that’s where my knowledge ended.  I could have greatly benefitted from something like Do Good Diapers. 

We are happy to welcome Do Good Diapers as a sponsor for the Monster Bash.  They are are great service if you are interested in using cloth diapers or simply learning more about it.


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do good diapersPeter and Kathy Allen started Do Good Diapers eight years ago.  During this time they have washed over 2 million diapers and they are still going strong.  They are the proud parents of two wid, fun-loving and caring boys:  6 1/2 year old Elliot and 3 year old Felix.


Our goal is to make parents lives a little greener and a little easier – with no dirty work! Do Good Diapers has diaper delivery options for every family.  We primarily pick up, wash and deliver cloth diapers for parents but we have other options as well.  

With our service we do all the dirty work – no scraping, dunking etc. We want it to be as easy as possible for our parents. Also our cost is about the same as using disposable diapers. Our average client is $20/week.  And the diapers show up at your door – no diaper runs to the big box needed.


They love knowing that they are helping families to make a positive impact.  Every bit helps and if we can make parents’ lives a bit easier while making things better for our kids, they think that’s awesome.

My brother was using a service in Boulder, CO.  We were visiting my new niece and someone put a garbage bag on their doorstep – turns out it was diapers.  I did some research when I came back to the Minneapolis and found out there was a market for something like this.  A few months later we started washing diapers for some friends to prove the concept and figure out what we were doing and a few months after that I was giving my 2 week notice.  9 years ago there is no way I’d be telling you I’ll wash diapers for a living.

baby and parentsbabyThe Allens’ lifestyle is not a common one.  “We talk about poop all day.”  Many people think the worst part of the job is the smell, but these veteraned diaper washers insist that you get used to that.  The trickiest thing about the business is that customers naturally outgrow their services, so they have to be continually be out there meeting new families.


I always wanted to start my own business – when this idea came along it seemed like it would work and if I didn’t go for it then, I might never take that chance. It was scary, fun, exciting!!! Like everything there are good days and not so good days but I wouldn’t change any choices.

If you are interested in learning more about Do Good Diapers you can find out more information at their website or email them at 


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