The Gift of Science from the Science Museum of Minnesota

Give a gift of science – an experience that lasts all year.

This post is sponsored by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Studies have shown that experiences – travel, concert or theatre tickets, museum or zoo memberships – are some of the most desired gifts during the holiday season. Rather than filling our closets with stuff, experience gifts provide us with memories that will last a lifetime. Experience gifts might be challenging to wrap or fit under the tree, but they can be some of the most meaningful gifts we can receive – or give.

The Gift of Science from the Science Museum of Minnesota

The Gift of Science – Easy, Economical and You Can Purchase Online

The Science Museum of Minnesota is committed to helping all visitors see themselves in science, touching hundreds of thousands of people each year with its exhibits, films, events, education programs, and research. And with more than 8 ½ acres of exhibits about the Mississippi River, the human body, dinosaurs, sports, and much more, plus a state-of-the-art, giant screen Omnitheater, it offers much more than you can possibly do in one day. A membership, then, is a perfect gift that allows recipients to return again and again throughout the year to enjoy new offerings and re-visit their favorite features – a gift that is meaningful, economical, and makes a difference in our community.

The Gift of Science from the Science Museum of Minnesota

Science Museum gift memberships start at $89, and benefits include free exhibit gallery admission and Omnitheater tickets, discounts on parking, shopping, dining, and classes, advance registration for the Science Museum’s popular summer camps, and free or reduced admission to hundreds of other science centers and museums across the country.

With a membership, you give the gift of Science Museum of MN events in December and throughout the year..

The Gift of Science from the Science Museum of Minnesota

The Gift of Science … Plus So Much More! Our Favorite Membership Perks:

Science Museum Membership Reciprocity:

One of my favorite things about having a Science Museum of Minnesota membership is the reciprocity perk. When we travel, we can visit ASTC participating museums for free! In our case, that includes the Children’s Museum in Eau Claire – a day trip. We’ve also used it when traveling further. With the expense of family vacations, it is so nice to have some free entertainment on the road. If you are gifting a science museum membership from somewhere other than the Twin Cities, check reciprocity in your own area! When the grand kids come to visit, you’ll have a list of fun places you can visit!

Discounted Parking at the Science Museum:

Another really great perk of a Science Museum Membership is discounted parking. In this area of St. Paul, this perk is so useful. If you have to to downtown St. Paul, you can plan a short visit to the Science Museum (it is free since you’re a member, so short visits are a good deal!), park at a discount and be within easy walking distance of the library, the Landmark Center, Rice Park, and the Xcel Center!

Free Family Movie Nights at the Omnitheater:

Taking a family to the movies can be costly – just for admission. While you’re not going to see the latest Marvel movie, getting out to the Science Museum on a Friday or Saturday night makes for a cheap family movie night or even a great date night. If your toddler can’t sit through the movie, you can take them out to play in the dinosaur area and you don’t have to feel bad about wasting $7.00+ on a ticket you didn’t use.
Everyone would like to find Science Museum coupons and discounts, the truth is they have a great limited income discount and free admission for preschoolers for the preschool party (over 5 is regular admission). Beyond that, membership is your best bet for economically visiting the Science Museum. Plus it is not a one-off deal, you get to go all year for one really low price.

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*While this was a sponsored post, FFTC families have taken advantage of memberships over the years and our review is based on our own experiences.

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