Family Fun Twin Cities Gift Guide — 2023

local holiday gift guide

Locally-made gifts  and local  shops to support in 2023

 Joy loves the trend of experience gifts over more plastic toys. So she has been collecting up ideas for clutter-free gifts of adventure in our own Twin Cities. These are all fun activities we can do without leaving Minnesota.

Lucky for gift givers, November and December are the best time to think about memberships, because several places offer pre-holiday or end-of-the-year discounts. 

Since we know the magic of a enjoying a book together, we wanted to share with you our top 10  book picks this year ranging from picture books to adult books, read alouds to audio books.

All by local authors or featured in local venues.

Handcraft holiday gifts can be extra special when the creative process is half the fun! We’ve rounded up several local spots where you or your kids can mess up someone else’s space, let their imaginations run wild, and craft some serious masterpieces this holiday season.

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you dreading the crowded malls? Never fear, we have collected some unique Holiday Shopping Events for you to make this year’s retail experience enjoyable for the whole family. Events start as early as November 1st and run through Christmas Eve. Mark your calendar with your favorites, and mix shopping with family fun this year.

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A Gift-Giving Formula

  1. Pick a Theme.  
  2. Pick a Book based on the theme.
  3. Pick an item of clothing based on the theme.
  4. Pick something to play with based on the theme.

One of my sons loves Roblox.  (I don’t get it, but this is not about me and my understanding).  I could find a book about the history of video games, a funny t-shirt of some of the characters, and a board game based around Roblox (do they make such a thing?).

One of my daughters loves the theatre and performing arts.  I could find her a book about Hollywood actresses from the 1930’s, a fun sweatshirt that says something like “Got Drama?”, and a palate of stage make-up.  

It all starts with the theme.  And then pick 2-3 items based around that theme.  Gifts are fun, and they let the receiver know they are seen and loved.  

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