Gianna’s First Year Favorite Finds: Our Team

We talk a lot about being a team on Family Fun Twin Cities.  I think that’s because we are so happy to be working together.

We have been blessed to work together for many reasons.  But the biggest one for me is because where one of us may have fallen a little short, another wanted that responsibility anyway.

Gianna's First Year Favorite Finds: Our Team

Case in point:  The Weekly Highlight Lists

When we started this journey, we all just kind of did what we had been doing.  It was a mish-mash of randomness.  All I knew was that I thought we should do lists each week.  I had been doing this on my own site alone.  And while I thought it was important, I was getting burned out.  However, I found new energy when we started Family Fun Twin Cities, and I plowed ahead.

It didn’t take long for my List energy to fizzle, and  I asked for help.  (Another great thing about a team)  We started to rotate the list responsibility, and a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders.  I could breathe again.  Until one night at a meeting at Anne’s house and Joy said, “Can I talk to you about the lists?”

My heart sunk. I knew that she was going to ask to not do them at all.  I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to be supportive because I knew I didn’t want to her to burn out.

And then she said, “Can I do them?”

I stared at her, unsure I understood her correctly.  Anne was the first to find her voice, “You want to do them every week?”

“I do. I like them.”

It was then and there that I became a firm believer in teamwork on websites.  Either you can push through the pain together or you can relieve each other of heavy loads. Even unintentionally!

This year has been pretty incredible for each of us.  

We have found our strengths and weaknesses and filled in each other’s gaps.

Joy is our administrator, which is extremely helpful as she is married to our techie guy.  She keeps the calendars up to date.  These past couple of weeks when Anne and I forced her to take a vacation from FFTC, I have been trying to be on top of the calendar.  Augh.  This is not my strong point.  Her eyes and ears are always on the look out for the next thing.  And she’s constantly making sure the calendar is current.

Anne is our truth teller.  Where I think everything is great all the time and  think you should go everywhere to do everything, she pulls back and sees the good, the bad, and what could be better.  And she will tell you straight out. She also keeps me grounded and keeps Joy and I on the same page.  Joy and I tend to misunderstand each other  (because I don’t listen fully to Joy and because I talk a mile a minute when I have an idea and Joy can’t necessarily follow it–so it’s all really my problem), and Anne stops everything in her kind way making sure she understands what is being said which helps all of us.

I am the big ideas person.  I have all these “great ideas” and half the time I try it out without clearing it with the others, but they are so gracious and let me.  Setting up the birthday parties was my thing.  Joy suggested it and I ran with it.  Not one but two parties.  Not just cake, but cake and balloons and t-shirts and  a short interactive program.  Not a festive atmosphere, but giveaways and birthday specials from the stores that hosted us.

This year has been full to the brim.  I feel like we are family and I didn’t even know these wonderful ladies 18 months ago!

This year has been an interesting year as I  learned more about what is happening around the Twin Cities for Families. Some things I already knew about and had experienced, but doors opened this year in ways I have never seen before.

Gianna’s First Year Favorite Finds

Here are my top three things I discovered this year in the Twin Cities that you shouldn’t miss.

  • St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Free Family Concerts (sponsored by Target) We try to keep you up-to-date on these concerts so that you can enjoy classical music with your children.  With 2 seasons–fall and winter/spring–you have 6 chances (or more) to get up close and personal with meaningful music.  You can even go to the Ordway Performing Arts Center for free!Gianna's First Year Favorite Finds: Our Team
  • Children’s Theatre Company–with their $10 ticket program, you really can’t go wrong.  I have never been disappointed in any of their performances.  And I have gotten to see bits and pieces of each of them.  High quality performances geared for children’s enjoyment, but never dumbed down.  Their performances encourage a higher level of thinking so much so that adults are as entertained as childrenGianna's First Year Favorite Finds.
  • Three Rivers Park District — I already knew about this parks and loved them, but I got to know more of them this year.  The parks are beautiful. The play spaces (those with and those without playgrounds) are perfect. Their programs are incredible.  I cannot say enough good things about Three Rivers Parks. They are on the south, west, and north side of the metro and are well worth the drive if you live on the east side!Gianna's First Year Favorite Finds

Family Fun Twin Cities wouldn’t be the same without you!  So thank you for your support and feedback!  This first year has been a ride, and we can’t wait to see where you takes us!  Thank you!

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