Get Ready for the Great Minnesota Get Together

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As always, we here at Family Fun Twin Cities will  inform you of all we can about the Great Minnesota Get Together (August 21-September 1, 2014).

We are proud to claim that Family Fun Twin Cities has the best Minnesota State Fair Guide in the whole Twin Cities:  Anne Kingston.

MN State FAir 14 Princess

image courtesy MN State Fair

MN State Fair 14

image courtesy MN State Fair

Anne has grown up going to the State Fair, and for as long as she can remember, she and her husband (and their kids as they arrived on the scene) have spent as many waking and sleeping moments as they can there since they stay in the campground. They explore the  fairgrounds every day of the fair and have all the insider information for you and your family!

Mn State Fair 14_mmkw_stinger

image courtesy of MN State Fair

You can find her best admission deals, her family’s favorite attractions and pretty much everything else.  She has been scouring the website and talking with the State Fair organization to get you the most accurate and vital information for you to enjoy the fair.  (As will Joy and I–but really, she’s the expert)

Family Fun Twin Cities is holding a State Fair Ticket Giveaway that will be starting soon!  Stay tuned!

We promise to make the fair as pleasing as possible, and we look forward to hearing about your favorite activities.

image courtesy Debra Frasier

image courtesy Debra Frasier

Oh, and come out and meet the Family Fun Twin Cities Crew on Saturday, August 23, from noon-3:00 p.m.  We will be hanging out at the Alphabet Forest with all the Fairgoers and David LaRochelle and Mike Wohnoutka.


MN State Fair 14 International Bazaar

image courtesy of MN State Fair

We understand that the fair is not the only thing happening this month.  This month happens to be my anniversary month and therefore, I am sharing some ideas for dates with or without your kids.  During the fair, there are non-fair specials around town that we will make sure you are aware of.

As always please use our calendar.  We try to keep it as updated as possible for you.  There is some exciting news in the works concerning our calendar as well.  Please keep checking back during August and September as we aren’t sure when the Great Reveal will be.  Here’s a little hint: you won’t have to go anywhere else for your calendar needs.  I am not exaggerating!

LupientI don’t know about you, but every year when August hits, I go into a mild panic.  Where did July go?  We haven’t done everything I wanted to do with the kids.  I have to start school shopping.  There is NO MORE time left this summer!

Then, two days into August, I calm down and realize there is a lot of time left in the summer if I just relax and intentionally go with it.  It doesn’t matter how hard we tried to create memories.  It doesn’t matter if we crossed things off our bucket list.

What matters is that we spent time together.  And we did that.  Lots of that.  I hope you were able to intentionally spend time together as a family.

We still have four weeks of summer (for some three), and that is enough time to get an adventure or two in.  Our family is planning on it.  One of those adventures happens to be the Minnesota State Fair because for me summer in Minnesota isn’t complete without it.

MN State Fair 14 View

image courtesy of MN State Fair



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  • Oh I’m having the same August panics! Summer is so beautiful and fun and magical here, it seems to just fly by, doesn’t it?

    I’m goin to follow your lead and relax and enjoy the beauty and the fair and the sunflowers from here on out, though! There’s probably no better way to do things, is there?

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