Get to Know the Twin Cities through Twin Cities Kids Club–Exclusive Offer

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I know this is going to sound like an advertisement.  And I really don’t mean it to be.  I’m just so excited about this idea, and I can’t wait to share with you about Twin Cities Kids Club.

Just a few weeks ago, I was thinking about how we could help families enjoy more of the Twin Cities.  I thought about a discount program or a membership for families of special deals and perks.

Five days later (honestly!  I promise), Lisa from Twin Cities Frugal Mom posted about Twin Cities Kids Club being created to do that very thing. This was perfect!  Now, I didn’t need to create it!

I will let her tell you more about it.

tckc discountsWhat is the Twin Cities Kids Club?

-The Twin Cities Kids Club is a new discount program for families in the Twin Cities.

How does it work?

– When you join online you get a card your entire family can use to redeem exclusive discounts and—unlike single-use coupons—you can redeem the same discount as many times as you’d like.

Who can join?

-Everyone! Moms, dads, uncles, grandparents, the list goes on. And you only need one card per family.

How many deals can families find on your website?

-Over 30 deals right now, plus more to come.

Other than discounts, what resources can people find on your website?

-Email newsletter – Everyone can and should sign up for this! Each week you’ll get an update on the latest free, fun and discounted events happening in the Twin Cities.

-Plus we have an events calendar, a parks directory (Gianna here–a parks directory, you guys!  We’ve been wanting that forever!)

How much does it cost to join?

-$12 a month, but we have a special deal for the first who join.

The first 100 memberships are taken, but Twin Citie’s Kids Club is offering another exclusive to the Family Fun Twin Cities family. For a limited time, you can enjoy membership with the Twin Cities Kids Club for $7.99/month for life!


As soon as the 100 families sign up, the deal is GONE!  So get it now.

Membership for families

Become a Member 


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